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NF denim is usually sanforized for the most part so there will not be as much shrinkage as say an unsanforized pair of flat heads or the like. For Weird guys make sure to take the vanity sizing into account if you have big thighs you may also want to take a thigh measurement as that is what most of the guys on here have trouble with when it comes to sizing.    So to summarize, yes shrinking is taken into account expect little shrinking after first wash, do not expect a...
I wouldn't worry too much db look best beat up Just ignore it or if bugs you get a suede/ NB cleaning kit  
I would go with the Indigo/Indigos the Indigo selvedge are lighter and from what I understand the I/I have a better construction.    However if you are thinking of doing indigo selvedge and you happen to wear a weird guy size 29 I have an unworn pair     
Anyone looking for a pair or weird guys in a 29 I have a pair of new indigo selvedge for sale on the bs , they are way to big for me!
http://www.blueowl.us/scripts/psp/VB_Bridge3.dll?VBPROG=\bin\shop.prodt.detail&SKU=7959003 actual measurements 
Hello all have an unworn pair of weirdguys I bought off a member here on the forum, thought they would fit but alas are much too big for my waist. At any rate the actual measurements are on either blue owl or Tate and Yoko. But from what I understand WG are vanity sized and these have an actual waist of 31", 8" Knee, 11.5" thigh and a 7" leg opening.   Thanks for looking   Paypal or trades for the same jeans or similar in a size 28, or a skinny guy size 29.    
30 or 31 depending on your thigh measurements 
You have a PM.
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