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There is also Sugar Cane, Roy (probably my next pair after my Samuria's), Studio D, PBJ, Momotaro, 3 sixteen, Work's Inc., Dry Bones, The Strike Gold, N&f (The collaborations, their regular denim isn't anything special, although still better than APC in my humble opinion), Skulls and plenty of others that offer 14ish oz options that are not APC. Most of what I have listed cost more yeah (except for the NF*) but the denim quality and cuts are something well worth the...
NF makes a reverse fade denim, it might be sold out since it was last season I believe. (may have been a few seasons, check the NF Thread)
+3 on Momo's 
I would size down one, but that is just me and I tend to like my denim on the fitted side.  
If your looking for a size 31" waist I have a pair of Indigos in a taged 29 true waist 31.  Pm me if interested but they may be gone by tomorrow
I would have to respectfully disagree having a muscular neck is great if you plan on participating in contact sport like wrestling or football. But it is fucking annoying when you try to button up collard shirts...
word on that  
Here are my Elephant 2's after 2 months of wear.    
You could always bake them as well and then give them a soak. To weaken the sulphur bond to the fibers    
Measure both feet then get measurements of the boots you want to buy, bam.  
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