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Sleeves from top shoulder seam- 23.5" collar to hem- 33"   here are pictures of how I measured it
    those look way better on you ecco than they did on me, glad they found a good home. The waist was much too big and the thighs felt like drapes lol
    if your true waist is a 30, then I would probably just tough it out if you wear a 30 in skiny guys that means the actual waist is closer to a 31, in which case I would pass on these. I had a pair of 28 heritage in the SK and I have a 29 inch waist closer to a high 28, but the top block was too uncomfortable for me so I ended up selling. My el 2's were much more forgiving actually and I found stretched a whole lot more then this lighter denim.   If anything, if you...
    Here are some post soak pics (45 hottest tap water my place could muster, and a few table spoons of salt)   may need another hot soak and dryer for the inseam was at 35" chain stitched at 33.7"  want it close to 31". Right now I have them at a little under an inch of cuff, cuffed thrice.  
Here are my S5000VX 24oz. Sams.   Just got them in the mail today     will most likely soak since the waist is a little big and I want to get rid of some of the shrinkage.
     neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this!
    Brand new, but ecco just picked them up for 160 
Any one looking for a pair of the BJ weird guy colab in a size 28?   I have new pair that I don't think I will get to wear once I receive my Samurais 
  Unbranded denim is unsanforized so it will shrink in the wash, I would suggest at least warm soaking them before you decide to pay the extra money to get them tapered. The soak will shrink the denim, and will most likely get rid of most of the baggyness you feel right now. The waist will shrink a bit too but they will stretch back out with use.  
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