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    Yeah these are shots I took for her look book.
yeah sorry thought I took down the post
Thought I would contribute with some of my girlfriends outfits. These last two years she has really come into her own in terms of style and it's so awesome to see that metamorphosis through her blog and see it come to life on a day to day basis. Anyways here are a few photos     Cheers!
    Should be fine at the waist just make sure to take proper thigh measurements, as it seems a lot of the guys on here have trouble with that area. You might be able to go 28 in the Wg if your true waist is a 30. but again check other measurements first then decide.
  what jeans do you have now, the tagged size on most jeans are usually completely wrong. It might be that you are closer to a 32-33 you should measure your current jeans first then decide based on the sizing chart.
    It will get most of the starch off which will def. help. In the end though it's a matter of what you do in them and how you take care of them. I say wear them raw for now in a few months give them a quick cold soak to get some of the gunk and starch off, continue wearing till they stink beyond redemption then give them a wash once you have the desired contrast and fading. Wearing them pre wash will help the creases settle in so that your combs and whiskers etc. will...
    They will stretch but, I say save yourself the heart ache and pain and go tts. Soaking will soften them up considerably, I soaked mine for the first time last week and they are so soft and comfortable even more so then my 14.5oz options.   Good luck
    you don't have to per say, but you can if you are worried about the denim being too brittle or tearing. NF are Sanforized so they are good to were straight from the get go
    Hot will make them shrink more, so I say cold save some energy too. I say leave them in there for like 30 minutes since you are not trying to get the shrinkage done and over with. Good luck
    Ah ok I see. Soaking your jeans will actually promote the longevity of the denim since it gets rid of all the excess starch, which makes the denim brittle and more prone to tearing and damage. For unsaf. jeans it helps the jeans shrink and fit properly but since nf is sanforized that isn't really relevant. Also if you're scared about indigo loss just drop some salt in the soak it will help preserve the color, but you will still get some residual indigo in the water....
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