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Are you referring to the hand-sewn oxfords or the actual boat shoes?
stick with your regular size they run pretty true from what I can tell
go 29 or 28 on the skg weird guys have a carrot effect and chances are that the waist will be too big after they stretch 
You could probably always size up if they are too tight...
it's not
X post. Purchased a pair of the 9111's earlier spring, since we have been experiencing rain and cold weather until recently here in North California. At any rate I love these guys, too bad the weather has turned up and I can't wear these as much as I would like unless I'm working on something. My foot measured at about 23.75 and I went a full size down from what i normally wear in dress shoes (size 7 mens) to a 6D, fits great love the leather insole. May be in the...
Here are some better fit pics of my s5000vx. 1 45 minute hot soak will soak again once I decide to actually wear them. Photos brought to you courtesy of girlfriend 
A soak wont decrease your fading potential, but a wash most might considerably. 
yes if you look under, the way we measure things it should have a picture if your jeans now are at 11 and the 29's say 11.25 you can probably size down to a 28, depending on how fitted you want your jeans. I personally found the waist to be huge on the weird guys but the taper is a nice touch.
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