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what did you end up with weird guy or skinny guy if it is a lower rise/taper you are looking for the wg might work unless of course you already tried that.
wish these were just a smiggen smaller (an odd request I know). Beautiful boots
From what you have written I assume these are the Slim guy Chinos. If that is the case then I wouldn't worry to much about your washing and soaking rituals, unless you prefer a softer pair of jawns then you may want to wash or soak to get some of the starch off. Just remember that the reason most guys and gals on here forego washes is to get the most contrast out of there jeans. These chinos should not fade the same way, they are a denim fabric (wrap and weft) but do not...
because (K@rm@-l00p) spams this thread like no other. Also the price point on NF are not excessive, so just go for it. Soak them in boiling water if you must, it may not shrink them a great deal but if they are loose from the get go I doubt they will stretch-out much since "denim will only stretch as much as it needs to". Also denim*, is there a reason people always tend to pluralize it... I mean they are a pair of jeans yes, but from the context we assume that much so is...
grabbed two of the Navajo shirts in xs, might end up with one so if anyone wants one at cost shoot me a pm
Really wish NF would stop putting the selvedge coin pocket detail on the SG. I would cut the dam thing off, but that is besides the point.
They well shrink a tad but not much, I warm soaked mine at 3 1/2 months of everyday wear to get the grass stains off. They fit a lot nicer after a soak, the denim really softens up and breaths a whole lot better. will post pics of my Ele after there first wash later on this month after I retire them till fall. 
My 9111 are super comfortable! I had a pair of the Iron Ranger in a mens 7 and had to send them back because they were just way too big. Wish they made it in a smaller size since they run big to begin with. 
Second this
I would go with the size 29 SK, it is really not that skinny all things considered and more along the lines of a slim cut all the way down. WG have more of a taper, but I have had zero luck them so can't comment extensively on them without being overly bias. 
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