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Bought these a few months back and although I want to keep them I do not think I will wear these much, since I have lost a lot of weight and the fit is no longer suitable. These have been in the closet since the week I got them in the mail. They have had two warm/hotĀ soaks to get some of the shrinkage out. Bought originally from 2nd, where they were hemmed and chain stitched to a 34 raw inseam. Have all paper work and tags if you're into that kind of stuff. Thanks for...
All due respect, it is your job to do the homework and size according to your own measurements. This forum gave you sizing "advice", that being said you decided to take said advice making it your fault if the jeans don't fit the way you like. In the end you can always put up a BS for the jeans if they don't fit.
They wont shrink much and you can always remedy any potential shrinkage in the hem by drying them upside down (hanging style). Hemming from what I have notice gives a cleaner break and polishes up the fit, stacking is great but an excessive amount of fabric can really mess the lines of the jean, also chunky cuffs look a tad sloppy. In the end you're right it all comes down to personal style and preference, that being said if you like your jeans a tad long then leave them...
Fit pics first.
Decided to put these up for sale, I have the same sunglasses already with polarized lenses so I have no need for these. They are new no scratches, chips etc. Come with case, cloth, box and literature. Pm if you would like better pictures. $75 shipped
If your balls are stuffed and hurting right now... pass. If it is just a tad uncomfortable, then you might want to consider keeping them. But, it also depends on what you want. What kind of fit are you aiming for? If the fit on those pics is close then I say wear them and let them stretch, all my NF jeans have stretched over time even around the crotch (well the seat which contributes to crotch tightness). Just be prepared to do the work and you will have an awesome pair...
that does not look too bad compared to what has been posted on here, try boxer briefs?
Would anyone be interested in my s5000vx, I'm afraid I have lost a lot of weight since I bought them and they are way to big for me even with a belt :C. My post a BSĀ 
Looking for a natural indigo Type 3 Nf jacket in either an xs or s (not sure if they made an xs) anyone know where I can still grab one used or new? Very much appreciated!
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