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Momotaro, The Strike Gold, PBJ, Flat Head, Oni, Samurai, Studio D, Eternal, 3 sixteen, IH to name a few Personally my next pair will be the Blue Owl X Momo Vintage Skinny straights. 
Wish the Low Tension was available in SG(minus the selvege pocket detail of course)  Tried the Weird Guy but is just too baggy for me, the cut is not very flattering on me anyways. Maybe because I am built like a Hobbit idk.
No they won't allow exchanges just returns, I actually like the fit of the shirt now that the darting is undone. Just needs a hem and it will be perfect.
Thanks man they are xs. I talk to my tailor and he said he could bring out the darting near the rear, and adjust it to the new hem so it does not sit so tight and give that bloated effect.
If anyone on here has a small they are willing to trade or part with let me know
Yeah that last picture gives the impression that I have love handles...
Not sure pretty sure Tate and Yoko have measurements though. May just return for a size larger and just get the things altered 
wonder is a small has a larger opening since the red shirt sits on top of my ass at the moment. 
yeah the red one did feel tighter may end up sending that one back
Received my two NF Navajo motif shirts in the mail today from Park & Bond. The fit on these are super slim, the shoulders on the two shirts are better then some of the tailored shirts I own. The inseam is, naturally, too long on my short torso and despite the narrow waist I like the darted detail and the fact that this fits more like a dress shirt then anything else. That being said, I think the collar could have been brought down a smiggen and the oxford style buttons...
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