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Those Onis look great. Mister that call out was boarder line stalking, kinda creeped me out. One should not use the powers of the Internet for such things only to acquiring denim and surf for cat pictures
It would be bigger since it tapers from the knee down, active word here being taper. I am short an usually hem to about 30 and the hem is always larger
^ split-personality disorder?
I go .5
No you were feeding people misinformation that's why you were getting trolled.
My man you make no sense and you have obviously been misinformed or are simply to lazy and cognitively challenged to digest the advice posted on these forums. You made the claim that "most N&F jeans are unsanforized", that could not be further from the truth. Naked and Famous base models are almost always saforized, i.e. preshrunk ready to wear. The exceptions are their collabos like the OnixNF collabo, MomoxTate+YokoxNF, FHxNF and their 32oz denim in the weird guy cut....
Also the rise is extremely important since it will determine where the jeans will sit. Not sure if einstein is trolling or just extremely misinformed ( which would be ironic)
^ that is the most awful advice man. Truth is this cut may just not suit you. Measure a current pair of well fitting jeans and go off that. Measure the thighs from the crotch inseam across the widest part. Connect the waist band and measure across, do that for all other measurements. Most NF are Saforized so they will not shrink like unsanforized jeans, so a soak is optional but won't reallyw do much. Buying premium brands like the Flat Head and IH will not magically solve...
Return and size up
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