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Have an unused pair of U.S made Vans Authentics with their original box. These don't fit me otherwise I would keep them. So yeah here they are, I am open to trades for chinos or duck pants (or similar pants) in a size 29-30. Also looking for any W+H sweatshirt or henley in new or great condition in sizes s-m, and any short sleeve shirts with out a button down collar in an S-M.    Price includes shipping   Thanks for looking
Just bought a pair of the old JB0101 & and the new 0400Sp. Needless to say I am a very happy man. 
The Sams are essentially new minus the one time soak. Also the price is never set in stone that goes without saying. Honestly,the more I walk by them every day the more I want to wear them. Maybe another hot soak and a hem... may keep them. However if I can sell them for a reasonable price I will just buy a size down.
Well I am really short, 5.4" on a good day but closer to 5.3" so the length is not really a problem but more of a chore really. Does tate and yoko hem and chain stitch orders like Blue Owl? Also any chance you can post a recent fit pic? How did these shrink by the way? assuming you soaked them...
WG are usually mid to low rise, are these even lower than say the BJ collab or any other weird guy. Or is it about the same? If that's the case, I can live with a mid to low rise. 
Really debating between the Oni collabs or the MomoxBlue Owl vintage Skinny straights. I understand that they are both completely different cuts, and that the denim is also very different. If I am looking for texture and some slub, I suspect the Oni denim would be the way to go? And I figured that since these are unsaf. then I could easily shrink them down. The weird guy is usually much too baggy for me; with a tagged 28 measuring out to a size 30.5 waist. I figure if I...
Look a few pages back
Wait you trolling?
The name of this thread is Naked and Famous denim....
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