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Guys wash your jeans. The thought of my man parts being cocooned in what essentially is a petri dish of my own sweat, other's sweat, fluids and bacteria sends a small shiver down my spine. (exaggerating but you get the idea) 
Acquired these in a trade and have not really worn them. Love the denim, but the fit is just too slim for what I am currently into. Would like to pass these on to a good home.   Denim is raw, Slubby/irregular, un-soaked indigo, with just a few wears around the house and one outing. Denim is unsanforized so you will most likely have to soak before serious wear.     Features, Universal copper indented rivets, Hidden rivets in rear pockets, 10oz canvas pockets...
Have a pair of well worn JB101 that do not fit anymore, want to keep them but figured someone may like them as beaters or for a project.   washed and worn several times   Measurements   Waist-  15" 3/4 Rise- 9" 3/8 Thigh- 10" 3/4 Knee- 7" 3/8 Hem- 6" 5/8 Inseam- 29.1"
Have for sale a pair of FH 3002, worn about 3 times since I purchased them form Tate & Yoko. They were hemmed originally to a 33 hem and now measure 30.5, warm soaked with agitation so about 95% done with shrink unless you tumble dry/ hot wash. No fading except for the spots pictures creases have not settled.    other measurements      Waist- 15" 3/4 Rise- 10" 1/8 Thigh- 11" 3/8 Knee- 7" 7/8 Hem- 7" 1/4 Inseam- 30.5"   I am asking $200 shipped...
Also that crotch rivet is sex
Chinos look perfect the way they are IMO
Take my money damn it! Had I any
^ducks or your worn in jeansz, chinos the list is endless. I rock a tux every now and then.
The waist shouldn't grow too much if you Arron a clean bulk. Thighs quads and calls should be getting swol as fuck dough
I've done this too and if the jeans are already too tight, then all that will come from this is stretched button holes via the reg of the button fly. The line is thrown off and more considerable pressure is put on the second to last hole, eventually the hole will stretch out so, that you will not be able to button it. That and it messes with the aesthetics of the button fly, "after all what is a button fly than a neck tie for your pants" SC
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