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I have shopped at Okayama Denim several times and have never had a problem. Sounds to me like you missed sized man. my JB406 measured exactly how they were advertised. Stop trying to squeeze into your jeans buy the right size. The size chart is only for reference, if you were uncertain before you bought the jeans you should have emailed them and asked for them to measure the pair they were going to send you. That or just shop with Blue Owl they are a great local shop. 
You're balls don't have to be constricted for your jeans to look good. The guy has quads breh
What? I don't think that's accurate, at least for other previous models. My old Oni weird guys did not have the selv coin pocket id. Neither did my Elephant 2's. I thought that was a detail only found on the Skinny guy, maybe the slim guy. I am asking about this particular model, since all the pictures I've seen of these are stock or dudes wearing the SkG of SSG.
This can't be a serious question? They are a cotton article of clothing, unless you have worn them soaked them in your sweat and left them an extremely humid/unventilated place they will remain as you have left them. Jeans are not this magical, revolutionary thing. They have been around for a long time after all, part of what makes them a "heritage" "classic" article of clothing. Miners and cowboys would live in these things. Meditate on that for a bit, now ask yourself,...
Do the OS weird guy and Slim guy all have the exposed coin pocket selv? Just can't get over that detail...
New, only tried on wish the color worked on me. The fabric is great, only thing that beats it in my book is the Strike Gold loop wheeled fabric out of all my sweats. Just trying to get back what I paid for save the shipping and customs. This sweat is made of sanforized fabric hence the Cushman (treated shrink resist tag).    - Pit to Pit: 20" - Shoulder: 17.5" - Sleeve: 24" - Length: 23.6"
Debating between 0202 or the ER007-2B. Is there a 201 cut in the ER007 fabric by chance?
Jeans have been hemmed when raw and then warm soaked and then given a tap-water-hot hand wash. These are shrunken down and will not shrink further unless stretched and thrown in a tumble dryer. This have roughly a full 3 weeks of wear, no significant fading except near the coin pocket and some light electric blue starting to develop.  I am 5.3" for reference and have to triple cuff these so if you are short keep that in mind. Need a size down so open to trades. I love this...
Really wish I would have just sized up on this beautiful jacket. Best bang for your buck as far as I can tell. Jacket is basically brand new/ save the honeycomb folds at the elbow joint, hardly worn since I can never seem to bring myself to seriously wear it. Willing to trade for similar in a size larger also, M preferably.       Measurements-   - Pit to Pit: 20.1" - Shoulder: 17" - Sleeve: 22" - Length: 23"
that and it does a number on the color also. Unless you don't mind, which i don't I tumble dry almost all my jeans. As for un wanted creasing/ fading, if you don't already use dryer bags that helps out a lot.
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