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Hopefully in your favor.
  While they may not be the right jeans, they do act as a starting point for those wishing to follow in your bootsteps (pun!). Please don't take any of the following as personally offensive/personal/mean/rude/etc.   "Right" jeans characteristics: thin legged, medium to dark denim, rolled once, and selvedged won't hurt.   "Wrong" jeans characteristics: thick legged, tapered leg, rolled more than once and/or too light of denim   Why: thick legged or tapered legged jeans...
  The boots to which you refer were featured today and sparked a lively debate, apparently (i've not read the comments) on quality vs. well, these.   http://dappered.com/2012/08/in-person-jcpenneys-stafford-wingtip-boot/
  Stunning. Can we get some pics in direct/more light? I'd like to see how the maroon plays with full on light. Even as it is, that's one delicious cranberry/burgundy flavor of maroon. Excellent choice.
I know that tan is the quintessential filson color, it's what all of my stuff is in, but for the laptop/briefcase, I've always considered going for the dark green since it would be much more subtle, yet still rugged. Much like a loden green. Anyway, just thoughts, as I may pounce on it if I can convince myself I need yet another bag.
And I can't tell if this is spawned from the aforementioned Dappered.com discussion, but, J&M for the gold.
  Uh oh, someone's a Dappered reader. That thread/topic apparently got pretty grizzly, according to Joe's post on facebook (Joe = founder/editor of Dappered.com). Let me know how they work out for you. They were sold out in my size (7) so I didn't hang around much after that.
  Thanks. Too kind.     A) Thanks. B) Awesome shoes. C) While the jeans are... dated... that actually would be a solid color match if the jeans were in style. Circa '90s, that would be a solid match up. And that's not being facetious.       This look is plastered all over tumblr, pinterest, and other street wear and style outlets. It is alllll sorts of in right now. Especially if you have selvedges jeans that you show off by use of the double cuff.
  In my own, humble, opinion: I believe that the publishers and editors and publication houses have reached the point of profit over product. They, as it has come to be the status quo, now see the dollar signs over the substance of their product. If they can peddle the latest designs, the wake of fashion shows and unreal opinions from dressers/stylists/fashionistas/designers who apply androgyny and Lady Gaga-like attire to what they believe is real life, every day style,...
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