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Another proposition to the group/Man of Lint (as he is the founder): to celebrate the successful completion of SNPC, I propose that each participant identify a reward. It could be simple, like a dinner, or a little more grandiose, like maybe doubling the amount of emergency fund you're left with (that emergency $100, so the max one could attain is $200) and putting that towards a purchase you've identified. I know that can be somewhat counterintuitive, so please feel...
Benhour,   I've never used either collonils or tarrago, so I can't comment on if they're better or worse. Are they silicone based? I choose otter wax because it's completely natural AND I like the way the wax puts character on the piece. HOWEVER, if one wanted just a subtle waterproofing, and they didn't have an affinity for the wax approach, the two products you mentioned might be very good candidates. Good call.
Search this thread for a store called costar (or co star, or co. star), anyway, it's a shop in Austin, TX that hooked me up with XX% off my order by calling in and asking nicely, doing a little bit of haggling. I specifically spoke to a sales rep named Mandeep. I called, mentioned that I heard they were discounting some 1000 miles, did a bit of asking/talking, and boom - 1000 miles.
Some of the button downs are identical, especially with regards to fabric, and the others are very, very good. The cardigans lack the detailing, and it shows in the price, but if one wanted a staple garment without dropping incredible coin, it'd be the premiere candidate. Their suiting isn't as great, but their most recent navy blue wool suit received rave reviews at dappered.com. Their bags are identical unless you're going for the abbingdon line. Ties are more...
All,   Need help ID'ing who makes this RLPL shoe:     Any thoughts? Thanks!
  In my opinion, what you're experiencing is the phenomenon that usually takes a wearer many purchases before it evidences itself: different companies have different lasts which all fit a foot better or worse. I.e., some company has a last that is great for your foot, but it isn't the present last upon which your frustrations are building. I suggest trying a different last from AE, and then from other brands. That means the park ave's won't be in your wheelhouse unless...
Swims is a standard for many men.
  Some tutorials for the Otter Wax and its application on shoes. I've had good results with it.   Otter Wax Tutorial
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