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Try this in the Street Wear and Denim forum, you may (probably will) have better luck. The forum you're in now is geared a little differently. Not to say no one in here will know, but the best minds for this endeavor are in SW&D, and I typically take note of a particular member, Sinnedk, as he is especially helpful.
Mine are very comfortable. But they're also the right size ; ). Only kidding with you. But yes, they're comfortable. For the record, though, regardless of what I wear, if I'm standing all day my feet know it. Doesn't matter if I'm in my vibram five fingers, sandals, running shoes, 1000 mile boots, AE's, etc; my feet know when I've been standing all day. But when I'm walking and throughout the day - no issue. 
  On the personal level, environment is everything. And, fwiw, in case you ready my comment, I was talking about sarAtorial_splendErs collection. I'm unfamiliar with yours. Carry on.
  I'm with the quad on this. Love your collection, even if your name is all sorts of typo's, but I tend to side with quadcammer on the rationale here. And if we want to get ultra high end bias, go Glenn O'Brien and have your feet lasted and sent to the makers... that's the ultimate if we're talking about high quality, pure fit.
Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. Anytime. Maybe someone with more experience will chime in to give us a shoe sage's approach.
Since it seems you were serious: I'm going to assume we are talking about calf or shell cordovan, not suede. From my limited impression, brushing serves the purpose of bringing the tanned-in oils of the leather out to replenish the outer layers, bring back some shine, keep the leather pliable, and in a sense sort of massage the leather so that it remains in good shape (we are dealing with a once-living organ, after all). Having said that, the benefit of side-to-side or...
      What Christian B said. You were serious? I thought you were poking fun at the recent discussions of n00b-ness that had taken place, so I was playing along. Didn't mean to offend.
  This. For all the rep points. Your toes should NOT touch the front of your dress shoes, and rarely ever any shoes. Human feet are not designed to be tightly wound to the point they would fit the silhouette of a men's dress shoe. If you measure a 12.5D NEVER hop into a 10.5D without asking some serious questions. If the person who measured your foot sold you the shoe, you may be able to do a swap. Also, how much wearing have you down? An hour each day on the carpet? If...
You n00b. You didn't even tell us in which hemisphere you'll be brushing the shoe.
  I got browns...     ^this. In fact, I came back in to say "Try Crane's... but use the phone".
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