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  Around 6:10.  
Brannock device. Crazy part: the device is set up to measure your arch - IF the salesperson is trained/smart enough to understand the full scope of the device. But, he likely did not/was not. Most just stop at the basic length and don't see what the arch dictates. Go back to the shop, see what they can do.
The leather will flex... some... but if it's bothering you, swap it out. It's not worth gambling on "will the shoe flex enough?", bump up a half size and be more comfortable. If the new size is even slightly "big" feeling, you can use proper wool socks (if you aren't already) to eliminate any issues of looseness. In fact, I recommend decent weight wool socks for all boot use. Just my $0.02.
Second that.
  That's my first stop before the bay. I'll even screw around on Etsy. To paraphrase Chris Brown: "shopping is a habit". And a potentially very costly one at that.
      Are you flirting with me? But, seriously, ^that all looks pretty linear to me. I'm sorry for whatever incensed undertone of argument you think I'm sending your way, but it isn't there. Though, if my questions ignite your fuse by their inherit existence, feel free to disassociate yourself from this conversation, this is, for the time being, a free country. (with apparently low quality shoes ; ) )   ^that's a joke, by the way.
Trolling the bay can be a serious temptation. So many times have I casually perused eBay only to end up shopping on the hardcore.
So, just to make sure I understand you right: Alden and Allen Edmonds = no quality whatsoever?
I'm sorry, but you're finding an argument where there was just tongue-in-cheek humor. I'm actually paying you a compliment while quite politely stating that I agree with the opposite side.
Or, what he said.
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