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  I think you make a good point, especially if I consider the setting as much as anything else. I would offer that the "swagger" or intangible of the wearer may make the combination more "owned" than lost at sea. But, assuming all colors the same (which the OP did specify), you are certainly right that a group of navy + white's would seem uniform and unappealing. The tie and/or PS would grant the wearer a significant diversity, or at least an opportunity at diversity;...
This. It is as much confidence and an eye for cohesive fit as anything. Our elected officials often elect to offend even awfully overt aesthetic commandments, e.g. the poorest fitting jacket possible. But when fit, proportion, and details are checked accordingly, it is seemingly an always-in-style getup. 
Fantastic. My first public post and I resurrected a thread nearly two months dead. Eff.
  This. Amongst other incredibly valid points.   To the victim's (err, client's) credit, if he truly like's AlphaM(istake)'s style of near-Affliction grade jeans and poor mockery of other Colin Farrell style disasters, then good for him for choosing this abomination to make him over. However, in all other regards, this is akin to an obese person choosing a slightly less obese person for personal training. And then, of course, having that slightly less obese person rake...
T,   I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're referring to when you say "you know the deal with VANS" - is that in reference to sizing? If not/if so, do these fit true to size? Thanks for the info, and I find your sandwich listing pretty hilarious.   -BC
Do these fit true to size? Thanks!
MCH,   Is the black lowercase "h" located on the leather tab (second picture, center of garment bag) a production mark, or is that a personal isignia?   Thanks, BC
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