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  A lot of good info here. The one question I have, and I am NOT a shoe expert, is: why does Wolverine think the oppositive of this? I doubt they'd misinform their VP on what brushing does, and I further doubt they'd publish it if it were wrong. I'm not arguing one way or the other, I just find it very confusing to think that Wolverine has it wrong (again, limiting this discussion to pull-up leather).
  Big 10-4. That burgundy is starting to look a lot more like the Alden #8. Mmmmmmmmm. And how deep and inky is that black? To quote Miss Hilton: "Love it".
  If it's a true through-hole, aka, the leather as separated from each other at that point and there is an absence of material, then there is no saving it. If it's just an exagerated crack, best bet is to take it to a skilled cobbler and see if he can work that area down (to reduce the glaring separation) and blend it in - if it is NOT separated/a whole. In the meantime, re-post this in the Official Shoe Care or Official Shoe Damage threads - there are a few solid gents...
A) I don't know? I do know that this color isn't the standard brown color. B) I believe that's because they are in the sale section now, not in any other area. Use the search function of the site and you may have better luck. Maybe.   EDIT: Just used the search on their site. They do have more Red Wing models, including the normal Iron Rangers, but only a few styles are on sale - NOT the regular Iron Rangers. So, if you like Hawthorne Iron Rangers, saddle up.
No problem. Enjoy.
Go to the wolverine 1000 mile boot thread and search posts by Crane. He has unloaded a vast wealth of knowledge on this exact topic. Short version: get Obenauf's LP and use as directed.
  No reason to drop out and go crazy. Just like Christianity, if you sin doesn't mean you have to give up your faith (please don't make this a religion thread, just a parallel). Instead of dropping out, just pick up the torch and finish September strong. I've got an insider tip on a niche store I like that's going to release a piece I'm almost destined to snag, maybe in September, maybe not, even if I cheat out I'm going to limit it down. It's a lot about the discipline...
Iron Rangers for $180.00
Well there we go. Yes on some, no on some. I'm not concerned at any rate since I use Obenauf LP on my boots and Saphir on the shoes, but that's incredibly informative (as always, hendrix).
  1. True. If we're talking brushing only after you've polished the shoe. Many contributors profess that you should regularly brush your shoe in between polishings, at which point any residual wax would be long gone. Although, any wax liberate by creasing would be available for disposal, but this would elicit only a toe brushing and not the entire shoe. 2. Many people disagree with this and insist on waiting until the polish has been liberated of all evaporative...
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