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I know the cap toe is shorter, but I really like the shape of the Harrison. Whichever last that is, it's fantastic.
^ very smart. I don't know why I didn't mention endless specifically.
Try amazon during one of their sales (they had one last week). With free returns (if the shoe doesn't fit as advertised) that's one less headache for you.   Edit: you can actually try them any time, as long as the order is fulfilled via Amazon. I specifically mentioned the sales since that would be a time to try them at a lower price.
1) A lot of truth here. I span the entire spectrum of SW&D all the way up to MC, from my 1000miles and Caterpillar boots up to my Alden 684 loafers, and the above is pretty accurate between the two fora. You may try proposing the same question in the SW&D forum. Just a thought.   2) Again, huge truth. I've had Diesel shoes last years, and Diesel shoes drop faster than a cheap date. Crapshoot at best. And honestly, if you find a boot in good quality that you really love,...
 With that criteria, especially the latter - I think the JV's would be fine. I think what I'm trying to say is that the JV's likely won't do well with any attire, and probably occasion, which is anything other than casual. Please don't take as offensive, it's just my own, sole opinion. The boots are incredible for the casual look, which can include button ups and sweaters, when targeted at a casual look. The boots are just so ingrained in a casual appeal that putting them...
My apologies. I was in no way or shape aware that they (AE) even offered that service (substitute animal leathers), and have never concerned myself with their golf shoes (or clothes, for that matter). Kudos. I'm actually not a fan of shark skin as a shoe, so I'm of absolutely no use in that effort. Let us know how it goes/pics.
Just got my brown 1000miles in from Co Star in Austin. Ordered my original size after measuring and using the Brannock device formula (can find on wikipedia). They are wonderful. Each pair is definitely unique and mine has their own... character. With regards to size, they are, if anything, a hair loose. Literally, barely loose. In fact, it's so questionable that they are either barely loose, or perfect. They seem to just barely embrace my foot while not being loose...
Shark skin refers to a pattern used on suits and pants, not so much on shoes unless you literally mean the skin of a shark, which AE sells none of.
  It often just covers the very bottom of the sole, so much to the point it can be unnoticeable when worn - HOWEVER - with those toes turned up like they are, you may flash some rubber.  For what it's worth, my low post count included, sinnedk is a solid source of advice. I'd trust him fully, especially when it comes to things that dabble in the SW&D realms.
As a testament to character, sevenfoldtieguy did PM me and we discussed it further without the presence of the entire thread. Just wanted to publicize that as I think, regardless of our own stances on what we thought we were saying and what was intended, that following up on the PM is appreciable and of high character. Carry on.
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