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It was on sale during the last Rediscovering sale in September '11; unless something's changed I wouldn't suspect it would be off the list of sale shoes. You could always call an AE store and ask a sales associate in the know, or call AE customer service directly.
Honestly, I'd do one light coat on the inside of the heel of one of the shoes before I did the entire shoe and see how it turns out. As far as frequency, you'd probably best be served to just observe how the shoe is taking the color and adjust as needed. For instance, you could simply do an application of a neutral polish or leather conditioner in between brown polishes to make sure you're still conditioning the shoe without adding too much color, or you could bounce...
I stand corrected. As I've never done this practice (I enjoy my walnut color?), I would be urged to go with this. Out of curiousity - why would you use cognac but never chili? Is it the red hue in chili?
You can do the opposite of what he's doing and polish them darker (if you start with the walnut). But yeah, a facsimile of the G&G "antique oak" would be fantastic.
I would have to imagine as that's the only next lighter shade from AE that's in the brown family. The only other polishes with which i'm familiar are the saphir lines, and there you get into medium brown, light brown, etc, but i couldn't comment on them turning the shoe lighter.
I haven't dug through all of the QC posts, but that's helpful considering I'm looking at the linea maestro line almost exclusively. I figure if I'm going to step out of my AE/Alden lineup, I may as well give Meermin a chance to wow me with their LM offerings. Either that or I've gotta step into Carmina, which is still very possible. Thanks for that.
  All signs point to yes? You'd probably be smart to wait.
As someone still on the fence about their next shoe, this was a huge help. Even though they didn't work out for you, you were pleased with their customer service. That's huge to me. Admittedly, I was/am concerned with QC issues, but hearing how responsive and willing they were is awesome.
IIRC, it does. I missed it last time around (just got into higher quality dress and casual footwear about 2 months after the sale), now I've got 4 pair of AE (3 new, 1 used), and I'm about to turn the corner into some more aggressive offerings (C&J, Meermin or Carmina), so I'm contemplating on the best way to take advantage of the sale. Cheers.
New Posts  All Forums: