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True story. I dig myself into that whole because I like to polish up my cordovan loafers to a mirror shine using saphir mod luxe wax, then the rolls just do their thing and i have to clean out the cracks. A vicious, yet beautiful circle.
It should be noted, though, that if there is an appreciable amount of wax or polish in the valley of the rolls, you may see creasing, or actually a linear band of a porous appearance, where the wax/polish itself (if thick enough) is cracking...of sorts. For what it's worth, that SHOULD be noticeably different from the calf-like cracking present on other shoes.
Do the cordovan roll!
From what I understand, yes, it would be redundant. They seem to be two different ways to go about the same thing. Do yourself a favor though and search this thread using 'Obenauf' as the search term and see if it's popped up in the past (by popped up, I mean obenauf vs snoseal.... of course obenauf has popped up).
  PT - for what it's worth, I think you rock buddy. You've got some solid swagger. Not even a slight bit of sarcasm. You peacock in such a fashion that no one would question you, because it's clear you don't question yourself. Your sense of dignity and purpose in what you choose to wear is astonishing. I'll say it again: you rock.
  Truth. At least that's my interpretation.
  I'm unsure as to whether you're being sarcastic or not, but I truly enjoy flashy linings in otherwise demure jackets.
Haha. Umm... I guess I'm about to get called a snarky dick. And, to your point, I wouldn't make it my place to look at someone and judge them... at least not to their face. I'd let them carry about in their own glee of expression.
Here here. Especially with respect to: some things just look awful. I recognize peacocking for all its intent and purposes, but one must recognize that certain things, no matter how intrinsic a person believes that "thing" is to their expression of their own self, just looks batsh*t awful. I say that knowing that I am wrong: any person can always argue that what I think is awful is actually very much in taste and wonderful. Hell, most fashion shows do it by simply...
A) Well... crap. I need to start paying attention to that. I haven't noticed it yet (only two polishes in their 6 month life, they get worn once or so a month), but I also haven't polished the tongue so maybe that'll help identify any changes and guide me in correcting back to the original color.   B) I actually don't think it's that silly: I don't know if this parallels directly, but I think it may since I've noticed this phenomenon happen on certain shoes, but in wood...
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