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Got some boots that I bought on *********** and never wear, just want the space in the closet back. Worn once for a very brief time, sole looks brand new, but I won't claim brand new if i've actually worn them. Price includes shipping in the USA vis USPS. 
Up for sale is a pair of (handmade in Italy) Billy Reid taupe suede chukkas, worn thrice, sized 8 D (US sizing). Fit is true to size. Price includes shipping (USPS). Pictures attached. I picked up them up last season and just never really got into them (slight footwear pun).
All,   I was at my local shoe retailer for the first time yesterday (private non-chain, good local people) and stepped into the Brannock device for the first time since being a child; I've always just done trial and error when buying shoes and landed on a size 8 (based on loose vs. tight, completely ignorant of arch measurements). After having read one of the threads here I was directed to how to use a Brannock device appropriately to determine arch length vs. foot...
  What does it look like from the outside? The darker area on the inside is just the track where the machine that joined those pieces of leather ran. It could easily be just some grease that was left on the machine. Does it feel noticeably thinner? The look from the outside will add some value to or reroute this diagnosis.
I could kiss you on the mouth. Thanks!
C&J Experts,   I picked up a pair of C&J suede loafers from the B&S section recently and I have a question about where to source some lasted sock liners. Sans sock, the shoe is too loose, with sock it's okay... trick, I know. So I'm having my local shoe guy cut some insoles to help out a bit, but I've heard that it's possible to get C&J lasted sock liners, is that true? If so, via which avenue would one progress to acquire such sock liners? Thanks! And yes, if you're...
Can you take and upload photos so we can get a better idea of exactly what it looks like?
W,   I think your assumptions are accurate. What it looks like, to me, is that this is a problem inherent to the leather. Since reno isn't doing any good, i'm inclined to think that the leather itself is either damaged in some fashion that we can't see from this side, OR, it was left very untanned in certain areas so it's soaking up all the moisture it can get. My simple approach? Get some heavy duty leather preservative from Obenauf and see if you can't force some oil...
  Is this an idea from which others might benefit? 
Indeed. Bourbon. But man... that cappuccino...
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