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 Not following...what does a faint whisper of almond imply?
Check out BlackJet, perhaps (assuming this message doesn't arrive too late).
What are the best places to get straps for a Timex Weekender?
What do you guys think of 7 For All Mankind vs True Religion vs Lucky jeans? Would you wear one over another in different circumstances? How's the quality at each one?   If it matters, I'm thinking about: 7 For All Mankind: the Slimmy, and the one that's slightly baggier (the Standard or the Straight, I forget which). True Religion: the Ricky Lucky: 121 Heritage Slim
Also, since I've never bought vintage/pre-owned, where do you start looking for those? Is it all local ADs, etc? I know Tourneau does their little pre-owned thing, but I didn't get the feeling that they really discounted much...
Probably a bit off topic, but does anyone have any recommendations for good folios?
How much does a pre-owned Pepsi GMT run, more or less? Are they really hard to find?
So, first of all, in any discussion about the "best" anything, you need to define your criteria. For the best watch brand, my criteria is some combination (in no particular order) of craftsmanship and prestige among WISes. I also tend to filter out some of the way smaller independent watchmakers, mostly on the prestige grounds, since they often seem to lack a certain critical mass of regard among the WIS community.   I disagree. I'd put PP and ALS at the same level, with...
Wait, $2-3K? Where? Are you talking used?  
No worries. As a side note, I was paying attention to the discussion occurring about Cuttingboard's options, and I never really considered Blancpain. I'm going to look into them now. Another one I forgot to mention, that I was strongly considering for a long time was Glashutte as well -- Cuttingboard, you might like them too.   One of the other issue I'm struggling with (and people might frown on me for bringing this up, but I feel it's unavoidable), is the message each...
New Posts  All Forums: