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Like the top one best, but it's a bit Gestapoish
First thing, I never wear the same shoes two days running, they need time to dry out and recover, especially after my smelly feet have been in them    Loakes are very good value for money, perhaps the best for that. They are generally wide fitting too so they are comfortable, at least on me. I'd go for a plain shoe, forget brogues which are more casual in my opinion. On a personal note, I prefer shoes with Derby lacing. I think they look better, hold the foot better and...
I like them. Not many people wear them and therefore you can be different from other people. Who wants to be like other people anyway, why try and fit in when you can stand out?
Nice photos, you look a million dollars
Not a fan of grey suits because my own personal opinion is that they're a bit boring, a bit safe if you like. The tie is just so wrong. I wouldn't use stripes on a two button suit, plain or small dot. The tie is the wrong colour, perhaps a darker pink that the shirt or purple. The tie is too wide for the lapels on the jacket. I don't like the collar spread on the shirt either. He need to get rid of the facial hair too, the whole image is seriously wrong.
    Leslie Howard starring in the First of the Few? Great movie
Desert boots or Chukka boots for sure    
    It's all personal preference of course 
DBs look good if they're a 1960s cut e.g. High gorge, 6 buttons (2 x3 vertical columns) and preferably double vented. I'm not keen on the low gorge type with peaked lapels and the buttons splaying out towards the armpits. The drawbacks with DBs are you have to keep them buttoned up at all times, even when it's 30-40 degrees outside and you have to the physique to carry one off, i.e. not fat, not thin.   Good       Bad  
I have heard of quite a few famous people buying clothes from this guy because he designs and sells quality stylish products at a reasonable price, stuff you just can't get in the High Street/downtown areas of your town. The look is influenced by English Modernism, American Ivy League and Italian cool.  
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