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 1. Ann D cropped trouser, my number 1 to get item this season       2. Ann D dip dye knit   3. Junya Denim Shirt   These 3 pieces are probably the only items I will get. Might kop more since there's nothing I want from Ann D's horrendous SS13 show.   4. Yohji plaid coat   Really want this but shyt is too expensive outside of Japan      5. Sacai Knit hybrid blazer
In order of preference   1.Ann Demeulemeester   2.Yohji Yamamoto   3.Damir Doma / 4.Junya Watanabe   5.Number (N)ine     6.Comme Des Garcons H+   7.Ute Ploier   8.Sacai   9. Alexandre Plokhov   10.White Moutaineering   1-4 are pretty much the brands I wear daily aside from Uniqlo/AA/Muji basics. After buying heavily into Ann D/YY/DD for the last few years I'm now slightly shifting interest to the more street-wear vibe...
Indeed, their styling is great, much better than the typical yohji stockists.....Only if there are more colors......Why does everything have to be in either black or white
La Garconne is carrying YYPH this fall, selection is not bad at all......Well, damn my wallet
Well nowadays Margiela is certainly not some obscure brands that few ppl know about.....   Honestly I don't see any problem with GATs being popular. They are just some awesome shoes. So comfortable and easy to pair with. Whenever I don't feel like dressing up I just throw them on with a pair of jeans and a tee, not too shabby at all   No matter how my wardrobe changes there will always be a place for them.... 
I'm selling this jacket(without any damages) for insanely cheap price now...So not bothered to take more pictures for now....
About plokhov, I've only owned several pieces from 1st season and they generally tend to fit slim... Apparently you need to size up unless you are on the slim side of your size.   Most of the things I've handled or owned are pretty nice quality wise. Definitely on par with if not better than the typical SZ designers... But I do find current season not so appealing.......Not a single stuff I want....   From pictures the coming fall season looks promising, will...
Purchased this as a gift for a friend but unfortunately the sizing is not right. If my memory serves me right it's from the SS10 collection. Original price was around 900 pounds at Browns. Made of 55% cotton and 45% silk. Will ship with replacement buttons.   measurement:   pit to pit: 22.7 inches shoulder: 17.7 inches length: 24.7 inches sleeve: 26.2 inches
People have been asking for pics unfortunately I can't take any right now. There's no runway for man that season so this editorial is all I got. From 2007SS, Purple collection. Retailed for 50000ish yen.    The jacket itself is in very good condition, no damage, only some wrinkles.
Added a fit pic from SSENSE, exactly same coat  
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