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How do you like the TAD Ranger LT? I've been thinking of picking one up to use as a beefier version of my Arcteryx Fugitive hoodie.   You might want to take a look at Aether apparel as well. I don't think they use the most hardcore of technical materials, but their styles are a bit more fashion-oriented.
Just because it's a hassle for you doesn't mean it's a hassle for everyone.I hold no expectations other than "it'll be done when it's done", and then one day I'll get a nice surprise in the mail. Life's too short to constantly stress about a leather jacket.
According to The Laundress, it should be okay if you use the delicate cycle but don't throw it into the dryer: http://blog.thelaundress.com/wordpress/?s=recipe+washing+wool
In case anyone else is curious, the prices listed on the Esk Cashmere website are before VAT, so there won't be a 20% "discount" for buying internationally. I love the knits... I guess it'll be something to consider if the Canada-EU free trade deal ever gets ratified.
The black lamb on my MDR felt thicker than the brown unglazed goat on my A-2. The MDR weighed in around 3.0 lbs while the A-2 was closer to 2.5 lbs with shearling collar attached. It's not really a good test though, because they're different materials and different jackets.   The MDR probably just felt thicker to me because lamb itself has a "meatier" feel to it.
 I really love mine for early spring/late fall.IMO if you wear it on its own, it's really suitable for weather between 5°C (~40°F) layered, and 15°C (~60°F) unlayered. It's also cut fairly slim, so you can layer it underneath a hard shell for winter if needed.
Just wanted to chime in and thank Bailey from the NYC Armoury crew for the excellent assistance and experience. I wanted to buy a Ring Jacket suit but wasn't sure about sizing as some people suggest sizing up due to the slim fit. I fired off an e-mail and compared measurements/fit to an existing suit of mine... I wasn't sure about how the shoulders would fit, but Bailey suggested going TTS for the suit.   Well, I received the suit and was really thrilled with the fit -...
 Ship it via USPS so that Canada Post ends up doing the final delivery.Worst case scenario, they'll be charged $8 brokerage fee + 5% GST, + x% PST (depending on province).They almost never charge duty on goods coming from the US - just taxes + $8 brokerage fee. Then again, if you list the value of goods really low (say, $25) they usually don't bother attempting to collect any fees at all... it could be a problem if the parcel is lost though.
Ordered late June, received in October 2013. I've worn it a handful of times and I haven't taken it out at all since I received my bomber a couple of months ago. I really do like the A-2 that much more, and I'm not too fond of the DR aesthetic so I'm letting it go to a better home. This version is + Excellas + Bemberg lining, so MSRP was $865.   Selling for $700 USD which already includes shipping and paypal fees.   I'm 5'9", 170 lbs for reference and I asked Charly...
I'd be down for a suede harrington if it was in medium gray.
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