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Ordered late June, received in October 2013. I've worn it a handful of times and I haven't taken it out at all since I received my bomber a couple of months ago. I really do like the A-2 that much more, and I'm not too fond of the DR aesthetic so I'm letting it go to a better home. This version is + Excellas + Bemberg lining, so MSRP was $865.   Selling for $700 USD which already includes shipping and paypal fees.   I'm 5'9", 170 lbs for reference and I asked Charly...
I'd be down for a suede harrington if it was in medium gray.
It's been brought up before, but my biggest "beef" (so to speak" with WvG in general is lack of cohesion. If I think of the brand as a whole, I would say that WvG is best known for its casual prints/button down shirts. There are some suits, a dress belt, dress trousers, etc that just seem so out of place when I think of WvG in a context of casual clothing at its core.   Also, while Mauro appears to primarily advertise his goods to toteholders, it'd be a good idea for...
 I can't think of anyone who makes a garment using technical fabrics with a traditional inner lining...You're probably better off looking for traditional garments made from Loro Piana's storm system fabrics, such as this Mackintosh jacket: http://www.mrporter.com/product/339992
How's the fit on Ring Jacket stuff? I took a look at the measurements on their Rakuten shop and it looked like I'd have to size up 1 or 2 sizes to get my normal fit? Then again, if I just go by the measurements, it looks like their stuff is cut more for your typical slim Japanese male, so anyone who worked out at all would have a tough time fitting into one of their jackets/suits
What size do you usually wear for jackets? Your measurements seem off...   Do you have any other clothes that fit how you want the TOJ0 to fit? If you do, then measure those clothes and use them as a comparison. Did you follow their measuring guide? http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/howtoorder   Also, did you tell Charly what kind of fit you were looking for? The more information you give him (with accurate measurements), the more he'll be able to help you out. The...
You can phone UPS and take care of any charges over the phone. Also, if you have the delivery notification card that they leave on your door, you can agree to some disclaimer on the back and leave your signature. Give UPS a call to arrange for another delivery, then leave the signed delivery notification on your door. They'll leave your parcel at your door and take the delivery notification with your signature on it as proof of having signed for the package.   I don't...
When you go to the normal checkout page (not the Checkout with Paypal one), there will be a field for you to enter a discount code. You'll still have the option to pay via Paypal at that point as well. Those lounge pants in 33 and 34 went quick.Hopefully a size 35 will work for a Christmas gift. If not, I guess that's what belts are for, haha.
New prototype? Are these lounge pants the same ones that will be included in the newsletter on Tuesday? If not, when can we expect them? They look super comfy... just take my money already lol
Are there any future plans to add Inis Meain items in their 70/30 or 100% cashmere makes? I'm curious as to how those fabrics compare to the 90/10 makes because the 90/10 already feels amazing as it is.
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