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Mauro, are you still waiting for the cashmere sweaters?
Water resistant will keep you dry if you're commuting in the rain, but you're going to get wet with prolonged exposure. Water proof should keep you dry if you're out in the rain all day.
I'm a suit size 38 and their small sweaters are fitted on me, so a small might be okay for you if you're okay with a relaxed fit.
 Not sure if it's the cheapest of the cheap, but I saw the 184 model suits at the Ring Jacket store in Osaka (4th floor, Hankyu Men's department store) starting at ¥120,000. The Hankyu department store currently has a promotion where you can get a 5% discount coupon at the information desk on the 1st floor. The coupon is good for anything in the department store and lowers the price to ¥114,000. You'll have to pay an additional 8% consumption tax up front, but that amount...
Will there be a separate link or communication for paying off the balance of the cordovan trainers? They've been a long time coming, so I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished products!
It's kinda pricy and maybe doesn't use the most technical fabrics, but take a look at Aether: http://www.aetherapparel.com/collections/womens-baselayers
Mike, did emails regarding next steps for the cordovan shell trainers go out yet or are we still in a holding pattern for now?
I'm just going to leave this here...      
I got an invite. Did you create an account on their website?   I'm not sure if the password is unique or not... I'm assuming not, but you never know. Try shooting them an e-mail to see if they'll give it to you.   Most of the men's section is fairly tame though... discounts range from £50-£200, although I only saw a single piece that was discounted at £200.
How do you like the TAD Ranger LT? I've been thinking of picking one up to use as a beefier version of my Arcteryx Fugitive hoodie.   You might want to take a look at Aether apparel as well. I don't think they use the most hardcore of technical materials, but their styles are a bit more fashion-oriented.
New Posts  All Forums: