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Mike, did emails regarding next steps for the cordovan shell trainers go out yet or are we still in a holding pattern for now?
I'm just going to leave this here...      
I got an invite. Did you create an account on their website?   I'm not sure if the password is unique or not... I'm assuming not, but you never know. Try shooting them an e-mail to see if they'll give it to you.   Most of the men's section is fairly tame though... discounts range from £50-£200, although I only saw a single piece that was discounted at £200.
How do you like the TAD Ranger LT? I've been thinking of picking one up to use as a beefier version of my Arcteryx Fugitive hoodie.   You might want to take a look at Aether apparel as well. I don't think they use the most hardcore of technical materials, but their styles are a bit more fashion-oriented.
Just because it's a hassle for you doesn't mean it's a hassle for everyone.I hold no expectations other than "it'll be done when it's done", and then one day I'll get a nice surprise in the mail. Life's too short to constantly stress about a leather jacket.
According to The Laundress, it should be okay if you use the delicate cycle but don't throw it into the dryer: http://blog.thelaundress.com/wordpress/?s=recipe+washing+wool
In case anyone else is curious, the prices listed on the Esk Cashmere website are before VAT, so there won't be a 20% "discount" for buying internationally. I love the knits... I guess it'll be something to consider if the Canada-EU free trade deal ever gets ratified.
The black lamb on my MDR felt thicker than the brown unglazed goat on my A-2. The MDR weighed in around 3.0 lbs while the A-2 was closer to 2.5 lbs with shearling collar attached. It's not really a good test though, because they're different materials and different jackets.   The MDR probably just felt thicker to me because lamb itself has a "meatier" feel to it.
 I really love mine for early spring/late fall.IMO if you wear it on its own, it's really suitable for weather between 5°C (~40°F) layered, and 15°C (~60°F) unlayered. It's also cut fairly slim, so you can layer it underneath a hard shell for winter if needed.
Just wanted to chime in and thank Bailey from the NYC Armoury crew for the excellent assistance and experience. I wanted to buy a Ring Jacket suit but wasn't sure about sizing as some people suggest sizing up due to the slim fit. I fired off an e-mail and compared measurements/fit to an existing suit of mine... I wasn't sure about how the shoulders would fit, but Bailey suggested going TTS for the suit.   Well, I received the suit and was really thrilled with the fit -...
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