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 Obvious troll is obvious, blocked and countdown to your removal from this forum. You may not be new to fashion, but you certainly have a lot to learn about style. 
Great CHALLENGE - may have to accelerate knit tie purchase.
 Did you already try the unfunded liabilities thread? 
  ^Gorgeous tie, but would like a little more contrast in colors between it and the sport coat.
Anyone know if the new seersucker blazer is a true 3r2, or more of a 3r2.5? The picture of Kent in it looks like a standard 2 button, but the image on the website has the roll farther up on the lapels.
 Like this? http://www.kentwang.com/shoes/benchgrade-wholecut-loafer.html
Summer prep underway.  
My last 2 order experiences:   Order 1 - Order Placed 11/19/13 - Shipping conf received 12/21/13 - No issues with measurements - No duties upon receipt (USA)   Order 2 - Order Placed 3/8/14 - Shipping conf received 3/25/14 - No duties upon receipt (USA), dollar value listed on package was $179 for a shirt that cost $129  - Alas, major issues with measurements - I asked that the sleeve length be made the same as on a previous order, and it is unwearably too...
I am literally in the exact same boat, want a med-brown loafer that can go well with both blazer/tie look, and a well fitting pair of indigo jeans and a polo. Strongly considering the KW, but haven't heard or seen any reviews/pics of people that have bought them.
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