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As a proof of concept, thought this grenadine worked reasonably well with an odd navy blazer (x-post from WAYRN).      
One thing I have noticed and been thinking about recently is the combination of a lighter and darker color as it relates to being too "matchy". For example. a light blue dress shirt with a dark blue tie is a staple of mens wear, and even though it is blue on blue, the combination rarely appears to come off as too matchy, but rather a classic, effortless, timeless, sleek combination. Gray on gray also seems to have this character about it.   When blue is replaced with...
 Brooks BrothersLuxireSam HoberE. Zegna   BananaKent Wang  Detail:  [[SPOILER]]
A recent purchase, interested in feedback if this is on the right track, or closer to PS-fail.    
 +1, particularly with the grossas, the texture (almost verging on knit-like) is what helps make solid grenadines so versatile.
 Stop spamming this thread, and get a navy grenadine for the charcoal suit, and a brown or burgandy grenadine for the navy suit.
Like others, I tend to only order 1-2 items at a time, and never had an issue with duties in the U.S. Hate to say it, but adding $20/order would basically make Luxire a non-option for me.
  Gorgeous, perfect for types of fits I wear. Any eta on this being available on the site?
 Likely going to have a linen DB blazer done, will update as this materializes.
 I am sure others will chime in, but the general thought is bluchers are only appropriate for suits in more casual fabrics, specifically flannel. For a true navy business suit, a blucher like Lindrick/Marlow can look out of place. That being said, 99% of the people around you won't notice/care.
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