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 Regent works way better for me than Fitz, but I do find the arm holes are on the large side given how much natural waist suppresion there is - actually ended up having mine raised on a blazer I bought last year.
By personal coloring do you mean skin tones? Sorry, not familiar with that term
Started out pure walnut, this is after ~2 years of purposeful shines behind it. 
  RLBL PRL KW SH     BR C&J for RL
Was wondering the same thing, my only guess is it might be a bit cropped for him? It is a *tad* on the short side, but still... stunning SC.
Forest green grenadine piccola.  
 They also work well with light blue and med/light gray slacks, FWIW.
Last 3 days: KW, AE, RL:      
KW dark brown captoes, in the wild again.  
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