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In this thread - lots of sportcoats I would love to wear (just not with jeans)   This is one of the best challenges in a while by far!
Honestly, assuming you have the sizing figured out, just be patient and scout. You can get them brand new for $500 if you are patient, as movo described. 
 Obvious troll is obvious, blocked and countdown to your removal from this forum. You may not be new to fashion, but you certainly have a lot to learn about style. 
Great CHALLENGE - may have to accelerate knit tie purchase.
 Did you already try the unfunded liabilities thread? 
  ^Gorgeous tie, but would like a little more contrast in colors between it and the sport coat.
Anyone know if the new seersucker blazer is a true 3r2, or more of a 3r2.5? The picture of Kent in it looks like a standard 2 button, but the image on the website has the roll farther up on the lapels.
 Like this? http://www.kentwang.com/shoes/benchgrade-wholecut-loafer.html
Summer prep underway.  
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