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 Southern, been missing your fits - good to see you back, hope you get back to posting more.
P.S. Where the F is Holdfast, should be dropping some eloquence on this conversation?
 I agree, but any thoughts on why this is the case? Is it a matter of the colors themselves being naturally and inherently flattering in combining their light/dark versions, or as you and other supposed above is it just what we are most used to? Is navy tie on light blue shirt just categorically better than similar scenarios with colors like green, purple, etc.? More to the point, is venturing into a similar approach of dark on light with non-blue colors that end up being...
 Regent works way better for me than Fitz, but I do find the arm holes are on the large side given how much natural waist suppresion there is - actually ended up having mine raised on a blazer I bought last year.
By personal coloring do you mean skin tones? Sorry, not familiar with that term
Started out pure walnut, this is after ~2 years of purposeful shines behind it. 
  RLBL PRL KW SH     BR C&J for RL
Was wondering the same thing, my only guess is it might be a bit cropped for him? It is a *tad* on the short side, but still... stunning SC.
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