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Silverfox, you tantalize us with no pictures?!?!?
Tried searching to no success, does anyone have IRL photos of any of the following:
Not current, but some inspiration. May try to squeeze in something tomorrow.     
 I know it is unrelated to KW, but PS pattern is too close to tie pattern - need a way bigger pattern contrast between the two. That said, good looking fabric!
Just got sent an email to review a recent purchase of a shirt I ordered but actually haven't received/gotten shipping notification for yet. Wonder if something is up with their automated system that makes it think I got it?
Love the tie, HF.
Interest check for UK9/US10 snuff suede captoe on the Hiro last, worn once around the mall. I just don't think the fit will work out for me, can send/upload pictures if so. Total including shipping to the US was $233, would be willing to part with them for $200 shipped.
I placed an order for a classic line pair on 4/19, got "ready to ship" 4/28, fed ex tracking is showing delivery tomorrow. VAT was excluded. Edit: YMMV
 The honest answer is, the two shoes are so different, there really is no way for me to compare - one is a dark brown lace up cap-toe, the other a medium-brown slip-on loafer. That said... Not surprisingly between the darker color and cap toe, the benchgrade has much less visible creasing where the medium brown loafer is more pronounced from the start. Similarly, thanks to having laces the captoe has less heel slip, where the loafer does have a little (though still...
Maiden voyage of the KW loafers, as mentioned before in this thread had the edges re-stained dark brown.   
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