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Marlow... Thursday? Taken in very bright sunlight.  
I would I would not wear walnut strands with dark jeans - like many, when I first got my strands that is how I envisioned wearing them, but it really is a super high-contrast look, and the shape/design of the strand is just too formal to wear with denim. Wear the hell out of them with chinos and slacks, but a good brown blucher wingtip would be better than a strand for pairing with jeans.
  Brooks Brothers Luxire David Chu Hober     J. Crew Strands
Thanks for the thoughts - anything below 3" I just don't find appealing but certainly something to consider.
 +1... and SugarButch already yoinked the Panta tie I was first planning on wearing.
Regarding silk knits with blazers, I am not a fan of flat-bottom ties or ones that are super skinny. This is what the majority of knit ties out there look like, so would I be fine I went for a 3.5" pointed-end knit? Is the slight increase in texture compared to a grenadine grossa sufficient enough to match the casualness of the blazer? Or are the flat bottom and/or narrower width part of what makes the knit contextually appropriate vs. a grenadine?
 Not the answer you are looking for, but go Sam Hober and get it fully customized for your height.
 FWIW, buttons on the blazer are smoked MOP (S/S blazer).
As a proof of concept, thought this grenadine worked reasonably well with an odd navy blazer (x-post from WAYRN).      
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