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Spoo, you roughly 20.5" P2P 18" ACTB?
There are several posts in the affiliate thread on this if you search enough.   I own the dark brown cap toes, and zero complaints, a whole different level than AE in terms of the leather and construction/details, and the last is perfect for the aesthetic I was going for. I am making every effort to make these my 20 year brown dress shoes.      
 And I was like  
 Great combo! Details on tie?
This was my first tie with Sam, so I went with whatever his recommended default construction was for a grenadine piccola.
What model is this?
Would appreciate advice from David or anyone that has experienced this. My lovely Hober grenadine piccola developed the tiniest of imperfections in the worst possible spot, right smack in the middle of where the dimple hits my knot. The pull itself would not be that noticeable if it wasn't for the fact that it pulled in a different color than the rest of the tie (my grenadine grossas you can't even tell if there are minor imperfections), and the picture below doesn't...
A little past its prime, but still very servicable.  
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