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 This has been a common repeat requests for a few months now.
Remember, the angle you see when you look at your shoes is different than the angle everyone else sees when they look at them. Cheers!
I would say it is almost certainly just you aren't used to the last, they really are a nice balance, and appropriately sleek for suiting. Low quality pic, but below is a good example.   These are size 10 FWIW. 
Just got my loafers back from the cobbler - loved every single thing about the loafers except for the natural edges, so had him stain them dark brown and add topys. Very pleased with the result, all work done by A-1 Valet in Arlington for those in the DC area.         
 Dat fiddleback waist. 
Those who have museum calf shoes, any special way to shine them so the mottling is not washed out? Such a beauitful depth to the shoe, would hate to lose it underneath medium brown polish.
 Judging from the fact that you can't tighten the laces completely, think these will work out well for you as the double sole breaks in. Enjoy!
In this thread - lots of sportcoats I would love to wear (just not with jeans)   This is one of the best challenges in a while by far!
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