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Weather looking like it will be spot on!   Also, would like to take some photos of the event, those that are camera shy just let me know.
As of right now, should be able to make it.
 My experience may be different than others, but I actually find Luxires standard english spread to be quite nice for both ties and unbuttoned - not an extreme cut-away, frames my neck/face well w/o a tie.
Beat, any pics of the unstructured jacket you mind sharing?
Most recent turnaround time for summer blue gingham, order places 6/4, shipping confirmation received today 6/13.
 While I am sure they will confirm, there is no way they deconstruct and sew back together. That would be too great a risk on their part, and when I got my shirt back I sent in it certainly doesn't appear to have been re-sewn in any way.
Their fabric selection is very solid, lots of choices available.   Sofio himself knows what he is talking about when it comes to tailoring.   Like many MTM shops, they take their measurements in house but then ship them off to China for production. Don't see how places like KentWang aren't a superior option in every way, cheaper or same price to take the train up to their NY trunk show for a fitting.   They do lean heavily towards a more "classic" style - request for...
Silverfox, you tantalize us with no pictures?!?!?
Tried searching to no success, does anyone have IRL photos of any of the following:   http://www.samhober.com/italian-royals-and-woven-ties/italian-flower-silk-tie-5.html   http://www.samhober.com/flower-silk-ties-en/flower-silk-tie-15.html
New Posts  All Forums: