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 I plan on wearing it about 50/50 with tie and without, but good note for future orders of pure "dress" shirts.
 And they responded with the following: - The folds at the shoulder should get eased by adjusting slightly (1/8").- Increase chest by 0.25". I went with Luxire's standard English spread, un-fused lightly lined collar, with hidden sleeve plackets. The hidden sleeve plackets I absolutely love, but one critical adjustment I had to make from last order - the standard MOP buttons are way too thick to easily fit into the allotted button hole for this customization, so for the...
I am unable to order/customize this shirt: http://custom.luxire.com/products/pale-blue-poplin-140-2#Customize   Am I missing it being out of stock somewhere?
 That is some serious Chukka game!
Sent an email to Luxire, but would be interested in anyone here's thoughts on alterations to make for my next order - there is some folding of my shirt fabric I want to get rid of, maybe someone has experience with something like this:      
 There was strong interest in seeing if Luxire could offer a shirt like this:  Luxire, any plans to have something similar available any time soon?
 What fabric is this?
Spoo, I am similar in measurements/size to you - would you go with a 4 or a 3 with the TB oxford button downs?
 WOW, great in-the-wild pic!
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