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KW pocket square and loafers making an appearance. The square has become by go-to for spring/summer (other than my white linen).      
 Is this basically the Lindrick, or different last?
wow, shell walnut looks waaaaay different than calf. 
I am going to have to disagree, I don't think the Havana is a good cut for your build, proportions all seem off.
Same. :)
Welp, time to throw my current black captoes on the bay and start saving for these. I have the dark brown captoes, and they are just incredible, can't wait for these. 
 I am a 10D Brannock and in the Strand, wear a 10D for both the brown captoes and the med brown loafers. Captoes have more room in toe box than loafers do, so I find is slightly better fitting of the two. 
I am a Havana 40R and had the sides cleaned up a bit - nip that thing and I think the fit will turn out spot on. The 38 was tighter in the waist, but too tight overall elsewhere. 
Started off walnut and used cognac polish, with a strip of the polish on the vamp after a couple years. This is after 3 years of consistent shining. 
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