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Exceptionally, clear step up from AE.
Are those 2 pairs of the dark brown, or is that a different shoe in the background?
Wow, WAY better than it looks on the website. Added to the list!
   Where to cop?
Yes, as I found out the hard way. :(   If you are a 10.5D in the AE 5 last, let me know. :)
That is the med brown.   Edit: Also, unless I am missing something, KW doesn't make black benchgrade captoes...
Thanks! Blazer is this: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Regent-Fit-High-Performance-Blazer/MM00235,default,pd.html   Quality is just satisfactory (for SF anyways), but love the color of the navy, soft shoulders, and smoked MOP buttons on it. Great spring blazer, managed to snag it during one of their sales.
^ Here is a pic from last week - Kent Wang navy grenadine grossa with a brown sportcoat. Thought it worked decently enough.  
^This, also for context that picture is them after over a year of wear. 
Does anyone own the handgrade loafers, and if so any thoughts/pics?
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