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 You know your soporific ties!   You ever feel like parting ways with that green striped Corneliani, you PM me - that is about as ideal a tie for me as it gets. 
No need for 50 suits/shoes/jackets, and shirts would be nice but I think I can do a lot with a smaller rotation of soporific designs and colors, so ties it is for me.                        
Are those a seasonal thing? Don't see them on their website.
  Suit Supply Luxire Kent Wang John Varvatos Kent Wang
Suit supply havana true blue 100% linen blazer, john varvatos 100% cotton slacks from Nordstrom
KW pocket square and loafers making an appearance. The square has become by go-to for spring/summer (other than my white linen).      
 Is this basically the Lindrick, or different last?
wow, shell walnut looks waaaaay different than calf. 
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