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Anyone have pics of the burgandy grenadine in the wild?
white or very very light gray slacks.
They run a little long and narrow at the toe box compared to the benchgrade captoe and AE 5 last - I stayed true to size, but if you have wide feet you may want to size up .5 or it may just not be a last that works for you. I always recommend trying the shoes on yourself and returning if they don't work.
 You know your soporific ties!   You ever feel like parting ways with that green striped Corneliani, you PM me - that is about as ideal a tie for me as it gets. 
No need for 50 suits/shoes/jackets, and shirts would be nice but I think I can do a lot with a smaller rotation of soporific designs and colors, so ties it is for me.                        
Are those a seasonal thing? Don't see them on their website.
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