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I am a Havana 40R and had the sides cleaned up a bit - nip that thing and I think the fit will turn out spot on. The 38 was tighter in the waist, but too tight overall elsewhere. 
Started off walnut and used cognac polish, with a strip of the polish on the vamp after a couple years. This is after 3 years of consistent shining. 
 Luxire, glad to see you continuously expanding your offerings, but is there any word on the website overhaul? 
 I am sure the finished product is a noticeable improvement, but just a note AE manipulates the photos to create a more dramatic difference in their before/after pic - look at the background of the two photos. Too bad they don't take the shots under the same conditions and let the recrafting speak for itself. 
Watch, nice pair, but it is odd - your medallion seems to be further down the toe than mine, noticeably more space between the cap-toe stitching and the top of the medallion:  
Silver grenadine, glen plaid, or a sherpards check would look lovely, imho (assuming the groomsmen aren't also wearing navy suits). 
Betel, that is the Madison? How does it compare to the sizing of the havana? Any adjustments that had to be made, or are they basically the same just DB instead of SB?
+1, I had great success with tons of buffing to get a shine out, rarely brushed.
 FWIW, the Marlow wingtips are my ideal shoe in every way... except for the last. I had the exact same issues you did. After 4 months of regular wear, and multiple attempts with various amounts and placements of pads, even though I was absolutely in love with the shoe and wanted it to work, I had to throw them up on the bay - if I am going to buy a "wear for the next 25 years" shoe, at the end of the day it must fit darn close to perfect, and the combo of the cramped toe...
New Posts  All Forums: