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 +1, love the flat waxed laces in the KWs.
 Extra money??? AE Park Aves currently retail for $385. Kent Wang BG captoes are $350. I own both, KW is SIGNIFICANTLY better quality. Unless you just don't like the last, going AE makes no sense - they are now more expensive.  FWIW I have the dark brown cap toe, and will be springing for the black captoe from KW in the near future.
 Some people won't even be arriving until around 6:30, come from Dupont, we should still be at The Observatory!
 They definitely permit it, I recently went to an event there hosted by Gtown Tobbacco where they passed out free cigars. 
Definitely tweed weather, was just outside and its already pleasantly nippy in the sun, a little cold in the shade. Will likely throw on a scarf and gloves for the rooftop. 
Final reminder of tonight's meet up, CWG is giving this 8/10 on the weather:   Today (Thursday): Clouds should be well off to the east by sunrise. Northwest winds of 5-10 mph make a jacket your friend. The sun is not challenged much with just a few clouds later in the afternoon. This allows highs to still reach the upper 50s to lower 60s despite yesterday’s cold front. Confidence: High Tonight: Breezes die off in the evening with readings in the 50s. That calm wind...
[[SPOILER]]  Woah... deetz on tie?
I would definitely be in for that - thanks Mishon!
Adding @CHRK33
Never mind, I figured it out.   @blackbowtie @unbelragazzo @in stitches @ianGP @shoreman1782 @Ambulance Chaser  @random-adam @Joffrey @DividedWay @mishon @amerikajinda @cptjeff @rossoz @Kenneth Cole Haan @JermynStreet  @FillW @Cuttingboard 
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