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 Extra money??? AE Park Aves currently retail for $385. Kent Wang BG captoes are $350. I own both, KW is SIGNIFICANTLY better quality. Unless you just don't like the last, going AE makes no sense - they are now more expensive.  FWIW I have the dark brown cap toe, and will be springing for the black captoe from KW in the near future.
 Some people won't even be arriving until around 6:30, come from Dupont, we should still be at The Observatory!
 They definitely permit it, I recently went to an event there hosted by Gtown Tobbacco where they passed out free cigars. 
Definitely tweed weather, was just outside and its already pleasantly nippy in the sun, a little cold in the shade. Will likely throw on a scarf and gloves for the rooftop. 
Final reminder of tonight's meet up, CWG is giving this 8/10 on the weather:   Today (Thursday): Clouds should be well off to the east by sunrise. Northwest winds of 5-10 mph make a jacket your friend. The sun is not challenged much with just a few clouds later in the afternoon. This allows highs to still reach the upper 50s to lower 60s despite yesterday’s cold front. Confidence: High Tonight: Breezes die off in the evening with readings in the 50s. That calm wind...
[[SPOILER]]  Woah... deetz on tie?
I would definitely be in for that - thanks Mishon!
Adding @CHRK33
Never mind, I figured it out.   @blackbowtie @unbelragazzo @in stitches @ianGP @shoreman1782 @Ambulance Chaser  @random-adam @Joffrey @DividedWay @mishon @amerikajinda @cptjeff @rossoz @Kenneth Cole Haan @JermynStreet  @FillW @Cuttingboard 
The next Washington, DC meetup will be Thursday, October 30, at The Observatory Rooftop at the Graham Hotel in Georgetown (1075 Thomas Jefferson St NW). By now, you know the drill: Go to the roofdeck and look for the well-dressed gents. As usual, the plan is to meet for drinks starting at 6 PM and then dinner at 7:30.  While we can settle on the dining location while we are at The Observatory if we wish (roof is not a great place for dinner), I would propose Il Canale, a...
New Posts  All Forums: