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Land's End flannel pants Polo Ralph Lauren Socks Kent Wang captoes  
Couple shots of the dark brown captoes, coming up on 3 years of wear.    
Jacobean Laton is THE ultimate S/S pocket square imo, there is not a single outfit during the warmer months I put together where it didn't work beautifully with all the color options available to you. A+++
Where do the DC gents take their suits to get laundered? Have a few that need a cleaning and don't trust any of my usual dry cleaners.
Anyone that has ordered some of Luxire's chinos, specifically like   this: http://custom.luxire.com/products/rust-plain-soft-chino   or this: http://custom.luxire.com/collections/pants/products/khaki-heavy-twill   Have experience with whether there is shrinkage after washing/tumbling? One review comment mentioned this, so I am trying to figure out if I want to be slightly generous with my sizing specifications to compensate.   Also, is the rust chino, and other...
 Happens with both of my linen-cotton blend shirts, but never had it happen with any other.
I have had them a little over the year. They run slightly long and slightly narrow, but nothing extreme - little bit of toe pinch for me on the right foot when I am wearing moderately thick socks (I run a pretty true 10D, Kent's benchgrade captoes in the same size fit me perfectly). If you have wide feet, this may not be for you, as I think if I sized up half a size the shoe would be too long.  Construction is superb, as one would expect, and the shoes are shockingly...
Jacobean Laton is, in my non-expert opinion, the perfect, absolutely perfect, spring/summer square. You can get so much variance out of it in how you fold it and what colors appear, goes with every outfit I can put together, and is simply gorgeous. Nice pick.
Alas, will not be able to make it this time - enjoy gentlemen!    Edit, got the date mixed up. Might be able to stop by it turns out.
New Posts  All Forums: