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Is this an older/discontinued KW tie?   Looks stunning, hope they bring it back if so.
Anyone own the charcoal overcoat that could offer some reviews/pics? (
Always a blast when Luxire is on point with the turn around time.   Latest order placed: 4/22 - 1 pair of seersucker pants, slight adjustments to existing pattern Shipping confirmation received: 4/28 Order delivered: 5/2   Review on the way after I get around to wearing them.
That trial jacket looks great, probably would have just lengthened the sleeves/body and called it a day. Waist looks much better on trial than new one.
No,true to size. 8.5 AE = 8.5 KW
Have the rugby polo in maroon, looking to pick up another. Any one have thoughts/recommendations on which color would be a good second choice? 
Ok, so in other words not a brand you can buy from a store...?
 @Chulillo What pants are those, and what weight/season are they?
@doodledoc wore them 2, sometimes 3/ week, but also wore them around indoors on carpet on off-days just to help the breaking in process.   @patliean1 I am 10D and they fit TTS.
 It has been a few years so don't remember exactly the break-in period - think it was around 2.5 weeks for heel slip to stop and all creases to be formed? Yes, standard brushing/conditioner/wax polish around once a month, kept in shoe bags with shoe trees when not in use. 
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