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Question for anyone who knows for sure:  Where are they actually producing the regular 1K boots?  In what factory specifically and who owns it?   I know the shell models are Allen Edmonds.  I just find it hard to believe the regular models are even made by Wolverine considering they refuse to do any repairs or resoles of the product.  Apologies if it's been covered here, I follow the thread but have never seen a clear answer.
From my limited experience the modified last runs very large.  I ordered a half size down, same size as my Wolverine's and they were way too big.  Maybe even 1 1/2 sizes too big even after sizing down.  I did read that particular run was perhaps a little abnormal.  Somewhere on SF is a Alden/modified last thread with good info.
I bought a couple shirts from the new listing for the slim oxfords.  As far as I can tell the only difference is the color of the piping/trim inside the collar.
Do these all have the same style rolled top like the LLBean model?  I bought a pair of those and they were nice but that rolled top VS the cut top on Wolverines was super uncomfortable for me.
As far as boot socks go I have tons of Smart wool and Patagonia socks.  I bought one pair of REI expedition weight socks on sale and they are better than everything else, super high wool content, like 80% and seem to hold shape after washing far better than Smart wool stuff.   Obenaufs and Sno-seal are different brands but Obenaufs heavy duty = Sno-seal more or less.  I have only used Obenaufs, it's commonly available around here in agriculture stores because it's...
My boot sizing method is the following:    Pull laces all the way out, put on thick boot socks and shove feet in boots.    Now slide your feet as far forward as possible and see how much room you have behind your heel.  You should probably be able to fit a couple fingers back there, any more than that and they might be too big.   It's much easier than trying to figure out how much room you have in front of your toes.  The crease made by bending your foot is a...
Wave cap maybe?
Many here know far more than me but Fidelity seems to be one of maybe 3 or 4 companies that produce regulation pea coats, exactly how the government said they wanted them made.  Not 100% sure but I think this is Fidelity's direct webstore :   Again not sure what the deal is, they are much cheaper than Schott, Sterlingwear, but they are one of the only companies that makes other styles as well CPO shirt/jackets etc.  That's how I became...
Curious what the deal is with that Fidelity coat from Epaulet...   Coats directly from Fidelity are about half that much, and they only seem to make that 6 button model in womens.  Anybody know whats going on there?
If you look at the sizing chart they are vanity sized by two, 30=32", 32=24" etc.
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