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It sounds like a kickstarter with tiered "rewards", probably a good way to centralize it. Either way, I'd be happy to pitch in.   Also, you guys are missing out if you don't have a ToJ shirt.   P.S. with all this talk about food, please send me a bento box
Buttero vibes, meh
Is it any different than the concrete, bleak, and/or minimalist shops and the range of packaging they ship orders in? It's all just an aesthetic, an aesthetic that some shops extend beyond the brick and mortar and into the packaging.   Besides, its cool to get free shit. And I love pencils.
The Memento is definitely TTS, but oversized isn't too bad
Although I would easily kop it, the first thing that comes to mind is Bane...
I have a light whiskey calf MDR from a few years ago when it was first available, keep in mind that nothing is going to make the jacket more wearable than actually wearing it and getting through the break in period. A leather conditioner isn't going to do too much but it may help, I used Saphir
Hanger Project, an SF affiliate, damn good hangers (and I'm nearly certain the picture you linked above is also them). There is also Butler hangers which are in the same range... Here's a CM thread for the two, and a better comparison here
  [[SPOILER]] Spoil'd the older SS14 pics from the SZ thread,
You may want to check on that. I noticed that Sneakerboy listed the full value without the discount on the customs form.
Let me just look up the stock on this excel file on the desktop...   It's so easy       It's so easy             It's so easy
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