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I ran the numbers years ago, and it seems like you'd get "nickeled and dimed" to death by the annual fees, mainenance fees, housekeeping fees, etc. Is this not the case?
Quote: Fresco is a loose weave, with a rough-looking surface.   Minnis probably has the best fresco book currently available. How does a fresco differ from wool crepe?
Quote: Quote: (PHV @ June 30 2005,08:27) When I was like 10, to get a Sega, I had to get straight As, my purple belt in Karate, and have the Bach A minor concerto learned and memorized, all before April (deal was made in September). Well, I don't think I ever used it by the time I was 12. Parents 1 me 0. zzzz...boring That's a pretty "disagreeable" post
Hmm, well I voted for 1 initially.  But the more I think about it, I think #2 would be easier to wear.  White (or what will more-than-likely be off-white) won't really look good with a white shirt.  Something that is primarily red, on the other hand... Oh well, guess I can't change my vote now. Quote: I must insist on 3" I never saw the final word on construction, but if they're doing this in a folded tie, it's not likely that it will be 3"....
Quote: Lindsay, it's John April.  He is high on... life, perhaps.  Take it as a joke. You're right, LA. It was just so funny, I lost my mind for a moment.
WTF, man. Is that the most intelligent analysis/criticism you can muster to describe someone with whom you disagree? Or, if you literally believe it, can you explain how/why you think he's actually evil? That's just silly.
Quote: If I were to do this, I would break out the relational database. Spreadsheets ain't got nothing on SQL. Now, THAT would be really sad. FWIW, I once put together a database in Access for the same purpose.  Unfortunately, I seem to have lost it.  Wouldn't be difficult, though, and would be much easier to query.
Alright. Fair enough (no pun intended). Name a man who looks better pale.
I like "Dandy"
Quote: Wow, you guys are really kidding yourselves. I don't think I'm really kidding myself.  I know that it is not good for me in mass quantity, without any sunscreen.  I just think it looks better.  Vanity?  Perhaps.  But that's one of those tradeoffs I'm willing to make (risks I'm willing to take).  It was a risk Cary Grant was willing to take, and it served him well. But I understand what you're saying.  99% of all smokers know that it is...
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