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JA, quite possibly the most reasonable post I've ever seen from you.  I don't know the answers either.  I don't know if Iraq was the right decision or not.  There have always been (and always will be) bad guys throughout the history of the world who refuse to follow civilization's generally accepted rules.  Ignoring them, like the weeds in your garden (to borrow your analogy), will NOT make them go away. BUT, I work hard to help elect people I trust to make those...
OK, it would appear by the most recent post column that I'm the only one with no life. But what's new, eh?
OK, Slim. I posted a few more current numbers as an edit to my previous post. If you still don't think they're convincing, I'll continue. BTW, just because you agree with the voting patterns of the journalists only VALIDATES my point that the media is (are?) liberal.
Manton, you're an intellectual stud. When I grow up... gonna still be be dreaming of knowing half of what you do.
1992 White House correspondents surveyed voted: 9 for Democrat Bill Clinton 2 for Republican George H. W. Bush 1 for independent Ross Perot. 1988 12 for Democrat Michael Dukakis 1 for Bush. 1984 10 for Democrat Walter Mondale 0 for Ronald Reagan. 1980 8 for Democrat Jimmy Carter 2 for Ronald Reagan. 1976 11 for Carter 2 for Republican Gerald Ford. _ 1992 89% of Washington-based reporters voted for Bill Clinton 7% percent for for George Bush 2% percent for Ross Perot....
Seriously, if you "Really don't care how they vote", then you are predicating an assumtion that their personal belief systems don't affect their reporting, which is patently false in MOST cases (not all). If you really aren't interested, then I'll not spend my weekend providing requestion studies. If you are willing to acknowledge their (POSSIBLE?) validity, then I will. There are many. Much work.
Could you elaborate on the "blah, blah, blah"?  Come'on.  Give me a big hug now.
Quote: I don't really care how they vote. Oh?  Because surely their journalistic integrity will supercede any personal bias? Quote: Please post your "studies"  when you get the chance, and I will reply to that with a list of Republican funded, owned, and operated media outlets. Deal Quote: I will also post the extreme leftist bias of talk radio. Air America's still out there trying, but let's face it....
Ontario Provincial Police? Online Papers in Philosophy? Office of Pesticide Programs? Office of Polar Programs? Online Presence Providers? Office of Patient Protection? Ocean Primary Productivity? Optimum Performance Products? Ovine Progressive Pneumonia? Oriental Paper Products? Seriously, I know I'm a little naive sometimes. But this is all that my Google Search turned up (after 5 pages). I must be missing something. Dare I ask?
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