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Cut to 180.  Got fitted for bespoke suit.  Went to Miami for 5 days.  Got yucky and ate everything in sight.  Came back at 192.   BRB gotta cut before second fitting in two weeks!
    In on misc takeover.
Stapleton is probably the lowest priced in the city.   For those of you in the know, I couldn't resist.  I apologize.
    Haha... I like the direction this thread turned.   I love squatting, but my favorite lift is definitely the deadlift.  I'm a huge deadlift guy.   That being said, I do naturally store more fat in my butt and thighs.  I'm hovering around 10% body fat these days and the majority of that has to be in my upper legs.  In some ways it's good, though.  I have abs at a much higher body fat than most people since I don't store the fat in my stomach.
Thanks for the suggestions.
  I hate a belt with a suit.  Color me strange.  Even if I have loops, I go beltless.  I think I'll do two pairs with side tabs.   Thanks everyone!
Thanks again.  So you guys would definitely advise against the cotton/polyester blend?  Just get the wool and deal with it wearing out?
Hahaha Clearly...
Good ideas.  Thanks, guys.   And I'm digging the Walt White avatar two posts up.  Not so much the one right above, though.
Sounds like a great idea.  Thanks guys!
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