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I got a very small oil stain on my Indy 405.  I don't wipe them or really clean them as they look better the more worn they look, but just wondering if anyone has an idea to get the stain out?  It is not really noticeable, just a dime-sized spot that is darker than the rest of the boot.  Polish did not take it out.
any remedy for water stains on TOJ lamb jackets?
Hey guys,   I have a brown lambskin leather jacket I got about a year ago.  I took it out the other day and noticed a small (dime-sized) spot where the leather is darker than normal.  I put some water on a cloth and blotted it but that didn't help.  Here is a pic of...
What is the best way to care for a pair of 405 Indys? Mine have some scuffs.
well, I'm going to buy my first pair of Alden Indy shoes from TSM... I went to a specialty clothier here in town and tried on the 11's... .way too small... my normal sneaker size is a 12. I am wondering if I should order the 11.5D or the 12D, as I see with the Indy sole they tend to run a 1/2 size large...   It's affordable (around $500) and IMO looks really nice.
So what are people going with generally for the MDR'S; lambskin or calfskin?     Also, with my darker skin tone, I was thinking a grey or brown MDR, but then I guess I'd have to match that with black boots?
Where can a noob such as myself go to read up on basic style/wardrobe essentials, what colors to wear based on my skin tone, etc etc.
Is it a sin to have sex with a blacked out DR
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