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Will Everlane insiders get to shop the new product lines a little ahead of time?  
ah, i know what you meant but i guess i phrased my response strangely. i meant to say that i can't find any other products that have been released before that are still purchasable? i think everlane's already updated "old" products like the t-shirts with the way they are now?
  not sure. i don't think there's other products that haven't been updated/released yet?   also everlane said on their facebook page that the silk blouses will drop on november 1. the other items will probably be released around then too.
@ tgod93   I just googled Everlane French Terry Sweatshirts and was led to that page. It looks like there are still some black sweatshirts in stock but they would probably be the old version.
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