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Don't know if anyone has read this:   Same old stuff really. Doesn't really mention the fact that Australian men have it rough for choice here.
 NEX is (was) a mirrorless system, but yes, the kit lens is pretty big. Of course, you can always buy an adapter and use a prime lens from another manufacturer.
 I have a Nex 5N, it's great little camera, really good value for money and great for travelling. PM me if you want to see some sample images. Only thing I would suggest is to consider whether you want to use an electronic viewfinder, as the NEX 5N is a $300 aftermarket solution, whereas the NEX 7N and the new Alpha A7 have them built in.
 Kent Wang has a really nice white silk pocket square in a subtle brocade weave (dragons and shit). It's not loud, but projects the kind of outrageous decadence that black tie almost demands in this day and age.
 Looking at this makes me wonder; is it standard isue for cummerbbund to be padded, or is that a feature of cheaper one? While I very much like the look that the cummerbund creates, the one i have is quite bulky and tends to move around quite a lot. I've looked around and I can't seem to find any off the shelf that look as sleek as this one.
I attended our company's Christmas function on Saturday evening. Ostensibly black ties, with a good proportion of attendees at least making an effort, however based on a reasonable sample size (at least 500 employees and partners) I think it's safe to say that black ties is dead, if it ever really lived in Sydney to begin with.   Highlights included:   Operating Centre Manager wearing officewear (that's Novocastrians for you) Untucked nehru collar shirt with black...
 I thougth that was Gennaro Contaldo. Also, I highly reccomend the episode of No Reservations where Tony cooks some Jamie Oliver style cucina povera for some local Tuscans. Hilarity ensues.
Is anyone interested in a pair of Meermin suede tassel loafers in snuff, size 8.5:   Turns out I'm a size 8 for loafers and it's going to cost $80 to ship them back out :(   They were $260 shipped, I'd be willing to part with them for less to cut my losses. Unworn and in mint condition naturally, PM me if you're interested.
Does anyone have any experience with TM Lewin formalwear? I need to get a cummerbund, braces and dress studs; was originally going to get them through Drakes and Benson and Clegg, but TM Lewin seem much cheaper. How are they quality wise?
 Actually it's a moo point. Like a cow's opinion; it doesn't matter.
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