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Oliver Peoples Sir Finley   Vintage Dark Tortoise Brown Vintage Classic Tortoise Vintage Brown Tortoise Gradient   Which colour is the nicest?
But is it soft?
Any codes for End?
Does anyone know in which country the Beams Plus Garment Dyeed M-65 Jacket is made?
How can the sleeve length be just 10.4'' for size XS? Blue Summer Coat
Alternative to Suit Supply's Blue Summer Coat? I really like the jacket, but the price is too expensive. I would pay for the price if it came from a brand that is known for their good quality, like Barbour. 
I have the Classic Blue and I love it. Would recommend it.You could also try out Sky Blue Oxford. 
Does anyone else have 10-15 days delay on their Snuff Rapello Suede boots?
Thanks for the reply guys! Is 3/4 (mid-calf) length appropriate? I read that 3/4 is more inspired by fashion trends as opposed to full length which is more 'classic'. But I am not sure if a full length trench coat will look good on me. I am just 5'7''.
Navy vs. tan trench coat for a uni student? And would trench coat be too 'out of place'? I wear OCBDs, raw denim, chinos, v-neck, crewneck and moleskin pants. 
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