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Is it a bad thing that the shirt has plastic buttons? I can't bother to return it, since I don't live in the USA and it would probably cost a lot.  
I just received the Gitman Vintage Sailboats & Seagull shirt in navy from MH, and it seems like the buttons are replaced with greyish plastic buttons (or MOP?). Does anyone know anything about this? When I google the name all the pictures show the shirt with chalk buttons. 
What size would fit me? I wear 6.5UK for Loake 026/024 last, Herring and Meermin. Would 7D fit my feet? I've never worn shoes with specific width sizes, so I am not sure which width I should pick, and I am also not familiar with AE's sizing.    thanks!
Is this the right way to order swatches? 1. Add the swatches' names in the cart overview: e.g.: Casual Denim Shirt, Navy Denim Cambray etc. 2. After I've paid for the shirts, I go to additional service and pay for the number of swatches. How do I pay for the swatches if I am going to order 18 swatches? Do I have to first pay for the $10, then $5 and $1 3x times? 
Is it stiff, thick or comfortable against the skin? I really like the colour of the fabric. 
I know about Boggi. Can Boggi be compared to BB in terms of quality? Doesn't Caruso just make suits and jackets? Yeah, Caruso makes some (or all of the) Purple Label suits. 
Which brands are the European/British equivalent of Ralph Lauren/Brooks Brothers?
Does anyone know if there is going to be a pre-sale for ralphlauren.co.uk?
There's no Blue Dress Stripe Seersucker on the website. Do you think it's sold out?
I have had my sky blue oxford for around 9 months now, and I don't feel like they are similar, but that is just my opinion. My PRL shirt is more similar to the sky blue oxford.  I have the sky blue oxford, blue university stripes oxford, classic blue oxford, red university stripes oxford, warzone plus oxford and soon to have the peach casual oxford. I would say that the classic blue oxford are the most similar to sky blue oxford. the classic blue oxford is a little bit...
New Posts  All Forums: