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But are they worth the price at $150?
How are you going to wear the orange cable knit? Isn't the colour a little bit 'too much'? Found one for $140 elsewhere, but not sure if I should pull the trigger.
Too bad the cashmere sweaters are only 30% off on the UK online shop. 
So the chance of finding something nice like cashmere sweaters are low?
Should I buy this PRL cable knit cashmere sweater for $140?
Does anyone know if the Polo Ralph Lauren stores are having sales in the post-Christmas period?
Does anyone know how Howlin' sweaters fit? Are they loose or slim?
I am thinking about going to the optician to get glasses, because my vision is getting worse. But I don't how to get glasses. I want to get specific optical glasses from brands I like and not those brands the optician can offers. So how does it work to buy branded glasses to fit my vision's 'stength'? 
Which size did you choose for your liner?
New Posts  All Forums: