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^Gitman Vintage at MyHabit.  Lots of nice prints and fabrics. 
Which brands offer driving loafers to a reasonable price? Tod's and Car Shoe are way too overpriced. 
Trousers have longer turnaround times than shirts. 3-4 weeks for trousers is normal.
Can gabardine trousers be used as a substitute for flannel trousers? Or do they have completely different functions?
Are these pants 'flannel trousers'? http://www.tmlewin.co.uk/Slim-Fit-Flat-Front-Grey-Trousers/46439,en_GB,pd.html?start=9&cgid=Casual-Trousers
What? There is a MC Sales thread?
Does anyone have an order number and pictures for a Mercer & Sons collar made by Luxire?
Did you just order a pair of chinos and nothing else?
Is it just me or did Luxire increase the price of Navy Chambray by Brembana from $99 to $149?
New Posts  All Forums: