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Which fabric is that?
I have a messenger bag from Bric, and I've been using it for three-four years and I didn't have any problems until late May when one of the shoulder strap broke off. But I was able to glue it to the bag again and it is as good as new. 
It could also be the Navy University Stripes Oxford on the banner. 
But the shirts get so stiff and uncomfortable even though I use more fabric softener than I should. 
How does the Co-op Alpaca Shawl Cardigan fit? 16.5'' chest seems to be very very small for size XS. 
Any codes for East Dane?
Which fabric was that?
Bought OB Bulldog for around $65 a couple weeks ago at Zalando. Not sure if they're still on sale though.
Is it possible to get it more than once? I got the code a couple weeks ago without using it, because I only tested if the competition actually worked. Now it seems like I can't get the code again even though I have cleared my cache and deleted cookies. 
Just the in-store private sale, no?
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