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Navy vs. tan trench coat for a uni student? And would trench coat be too 'out of place'? I wear OCBDs, raw denim, chinos, v-neck, crewneck and moleskin pants. 
Does anyone know if the buttons of Brando jackets are either working or fake buttons? Thanks
Coltham's sole is terrible. After a while the rubber part will rip apart from the rest of the leather sole. 
How is the fabric? Is it soft? I have never experienced chambray before.
I also have the chinos in the same fabric. The colour is very dark, it looks more like black IMO and the fabric is more rough on the inside than on the outside of the chinos.
What don't you like about the fabric? I am thinking about buying the same fabric...
Seems like you find nice stuff for very low prices, while here in Manchester (UK) thrifted stuff is expensive. For example, thrifted Barbour waxed cotton jackets cost around £80/$135, PRL shirts for £15/$25, and ties from low end 'makers' like Topman and Austin Reed cost £5/$6.70.   Anyone from London (or other major British cities) can tell how the prices are there?
Is duck canvas soft? it looks pretty rough imo.
I really like the Warzone White Oxford. I have heard some complains about its thickness, but that has not bothered me (yet), and even though I am very sensitive to rough fabrics. The only disadvantage I have in mind is how 'good' it is in attracting dust and studs from my wool sweaters, because I have not experienced it with my other Luxire OCBDs. 
I thought it was the same jacket too, but buttons do not have the same colour. 
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