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I have problems with finding jeans that fit me due to squats. I have large thighs, large butt and narrow waist. If I find a pair of jeans that fit in the thighs and leg opening, then the jeans would be very roomy in the waist. I just bought a pair of jeans which satisfy all the criteria except for the latter. I'm thinking about going MTM (Luxire) to find the best fit.    How do I tweak the measurements to fit my waist based on the said jeans? Could I just put all the...
How is the weave? Royal, pinpoint or casual?
Beautiful! What is the order number? 
and what about students? we have to carry books and laptops.
Not sure if it just the picture or me, but the knees look like they are are little low on the legs. I have the same problem with my pants from Luxire and I am not sure how to solve this.Could anyone contribute with some helpful tips to get the knees in the right place? 
Does anyone know the difference between the Luxire Selvedge and the Luxire Signature Denim?
Warzone White Plus Oxford is thicker than the other. It also shrinks in the tumble dryer. 
I think you received different fabrics than me. My sky blue oxford is similar in colour to the sky blue summer chambray, while my classic blue oxford is similar to PRL's blue oxford. The blue oxford is also a little bit thicker. 
Do they get a notification when you mention someone like that?
Which fabric is that?
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