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But the shirts get so stiff and uncomfortable even though I use more fabric softener than I should. 
How does the Co-op Alpaca Shawl Cardigan fit? 16.5'' chest seems to be very very small for size XS. 
Any codes for East Dane?
Which fabric was that?
Bought OB Bulldog for around $65 a couple weeks ago at Zalando. Not sure if they're still on sale though.
Is it possible to get it more than once? I got the code a couple weeks ago without using it, because I only tested if the competition actually worked. Now it seems like I can't get the code again even though I have cleared my cache and deleted cookies. 
Just the in-store private sale, no?
Should I clean my winter shoes and apply them with Renovateur and shoe wax if I am going to storage them over summer?
Some of them are made in England, but they are more expensive than the normal ones. 
where? I can't find it.
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