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They usually have Winter sales. I think they have high top CPs on sale right now, or I saw them on sale a couple weeks ago, and some CP chukkas were on sale last summer. 
No, both are from GBV. 
Not sure about size small, but xs is very slim for the oxfords. my gitman sailboat & seagull in small is more roomy, but not too boxy. i'm also 5'7.
I just bought a pair of MTM chinos from Luxire, but as the stupid person I am I forgot to specify rear back pockets. Is it possible to fix this 'problem'? Could a local tailor make rear pockets for a decent price? Also, do the tailor need the same fabric to make rear pockets?   Thanks!
sorry my bad...
well played 
Is it a bad thing that the shirt has plastic buttons? I can't bother to return it, since I don't live in the USA and it would probably cost a lot.  
I just received the Gitman Vintage Sailboats & Seagull shirt in navy from MH, and it seems like the buttons are replaced with greyish plastic buttons (or MOP?). Does anyone know anything about this? When I google the name all the pictures show the shirt with chalk buttons. 
What size would fit me? I wear 6.5UK for Loake 026/024 last, Herring and Meermin. Would 7D fit my feet? I've never worn shoes with specific width sizes, so I am not sure which width I should pick, and I am also not familiar with AE's sizing.    thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: