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Did you reference an order number to get the Mercer collar on your shirts or did you measure your own Mercer shirt?The Mercer collar is in the collar spreadsheet, but when you search the order number in this thread you'll find that the order number is actually for an Epaulet collar. My mistake for not doing research before I ordered the shirt, but I am fine with the collar cause the Epaulet collar is actually very nice.  
Oh, noo. I just bought a shirt right before I posted my post. Also, does anyone know why I have to pay Import Fee on shipping? Shipping to Europe is $15, and I have to pay $18.8 import fees for that...
^Gitman Vintage at MyHabit.  Lots of nice prints and fabrics. 
Which brands offer driving loafers to a reasonable price? Tod's and Car Shoe are way too overpriced. 
Trousers have longer turnaround times than shirts. 3-4 weeks for trousers is normal.
Can gabardine trousers be used as a substitute for flannel trousers? Or do they have completely different functions?
Are these pants 'flannel trousers'? http://www.tmlewin.co.uk/Slim-Fit-Flat-Front-Grey-Trousers/46439,en_GB,pd.html?start=9&cgid=Casual-Trousers
What? There is a MC Sales thread?
Does anyone have an order number and pictures for a Mercer & Sons collar made by Luxire?
Did you just order a pair of chinos and nothing else?
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