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Light Tan Twill Chino is really light. More like light cream twill chino, IMO. The picture on Luxire's website is not very accurate. Don't know anything about Ecru Twill Chino, sorry. 
I just bought this jacket, now I only have two jackets which are green(long story), and I bought these chinos a while ago, but I haven't found a jacket which can be worn with the chinos. Too much green?
ID on the jacket?
Beams Plus Garment Dyed m-65? yey or ney?
Does anyone know if the Tarrago Nano Protector is actually bad for the leather? 
Create an imgur link (or album) and post it in the comments section together with your details. 
Too bad I'm allergic to linen :(
You must be pretty rich if you consider £608 as "free".    Edit: I saw it now. It shows FREE if you switch the destination country to USA:
My temples bend outwards when I put on my glasses, and the temple screw or end joint squeal a little bit. However, they are completely new and I am not sure if this is a bad thing or not. Is the frame size too small? I usually wear 49mm, but these are 47mm.
But 26.4'' is still too short for any jacket in size XS.
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