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late december or in the beginning of january
I just bought a pair of boat shoes (Sperry Topsiders) with a deep discount . They are maybe 1/2-1 size too big. However, if I tighten the laces the shoes fit comfortably in the heel, but a bit uncomfortable on top where the bottom of the laces meet the top of my feet. Should I return them or should I use them with with tightened laces? Does insoles help with shoes that are too big?
I tried the code for the New Balance M576GWG (Washed Green) and it didn't work. However, the code works on other models. Weird.
Seems like it doesn't work for New Balance either. 
How is the thickness and the feel(soft/smooth/poplin-ish) of the Green Blue Tartan? 
The collars roll sharply outwards in a weird angle and look shorter because of the button placements. My first shirt looks like the collar in the picture in the spreadsheet, while the others don't. 
I am working on a new collar for a BD (it is actually an old Barba BD collar #3062. They made it perfect the first time, but the collars of my last 3 orders don't look like the first one. So I want to make my future BD collars look exactly like my first Barba collar). Is this the right way of drawing the collar? Do I need some adjustments? I also assume that Luxire would understand that the lines should be straight and not skewed (red and yellow line) like in the...
Thanks! I think it looks like the second knot. 
$60 international shipping :( and they don't even ship to the UK. what the fuck.
I have and it works. I have used my suede captoe boots in the rain and the snow and the leather isn't damaged.
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