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happened in november/early december when they didn't remove the sale from summer and offered a 20% off code.
I see that you went with the inverted pleats. It looks great! Did you use these pictures from Drake's as a reference and did you need to change the measurements? [[SPOILER]]
What collar is that? I really like the combination of the collar and the denim shirt. 
WWhat courier did Uniqlo use? I am in the UK, and they use Hermes which I think is faster than Royal Mail. 
What do you think the standard delivery is going to take nowadays? Do you think it is going to take much more than 3 days since it is the Christmas period? 
late december or in the beginning of january
I just bought a pair of boat shoes (Sperry Topsiders) with a deep discount . They are maybe 1/2-1 size too big. However, if I tighten the laces the shoes fit comfortably in the heel, but a bit uncomfortable on top where the bottom of the laces meet the top of my feet. Should I return them or should I use them with with tightened laces? Does insoles help with shoes that are too big?
I tried the code for the New Balance M576GWG (Washed Green) and it didn't work. However, the code works on other models. Weird.
Seems like it doesn't work for New Balance either. 
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