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$60 international shipping :( and they don't even ship to the UK. what the fuck.
I have and it works. I have used my suede captoe boots in the rain and the snow and the leather isn't damaged.
Does anyone have a tutorial for how to tie a scarf like the guy on the right? I believe both of the pictures show the same knot?
Does anyone have the Navy Twill Flannel? I just received the swatch. I am not a fabric expert but isn't flannel supposed to be fluffy and thick?
I ordered it too, and it just got shipped today. I hope the jeans fit!
How is the sizing of Nike Internationalist? I am wearing 8.5US/7.5UK in Nike Free Trainer 5.0, but my normal size is 7.5US/6.5UK. Should I size up?
How long did you wait for the trousers?
Every time.
You can ask Theresa to change the shipping address to your Japanese address. I have done it without any problems. 
New Posts  All Forums: