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I only have Gitman Vintage, but I have read and seen pictures of regular Gitman Bros. and it seems like they are more boxy than slim GBV. It also depends on which season and materials of the GBV shirts (I think), because one of my Japanese cotton GBV from MyHabit is tagged XS but is more like a XXS, while my other GBVs fit well. 
I think you can get 20% off the MMMs at Oki-Ni with a coupon. The coupon was posted here a couple days ago. 
Yeah, you may be right. Because I only felt itching around the thighs where the pockets are. I don't think the trousers where fully lined. 
What does linen feels like? Some people say it's more comfortable than cotton. I have never experienced real linen before, but I had a pair of chinos which was 70% cotton/30% linen. I couldn't use the chinos at all, because it was very itchy. 
Yeah I did, and it works now after I cleared my cache. Thanks! And the code doesn't work in the EU :(
Does anyone know where I can find the place to write the coupons? Looks like it is gone.
Some of my stuff which are tagged with "Just Discounted" are not even discounted. And the code doesn't work. 
Thanks! Do you anything about the 1639 last? I wear 6.5UK in both the 024 and the 026 last, and I found those shoes for $175, but it is only one size left and the size is 7UK. 
Could anyone identify this model? Is it part of the 1880-series? Thanks.
How much would it cost to have the chambray shirt professionally faded? Also, does anyone know if I get the same results if I wash it in the wash machine?
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