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Is it possible to get it more than once? I got the code a couple weeks ago without using it, because I only tested if the competition actually worked. Now it seems like I can't get the code again even though I have cleared my cache and deleted cookies. 
Just the in-store private sale, no?
Should I clean my winter shoes and apply them with Renovateur and shoe wax if I am going to storage them over summer?
Some of them are made in England, but they are more expensive than the normal ones. 
where? I can't find it.
Why is a lot stuff (CP, GATs etc. etc.), marked down 40-45% in Farfetch when you switch to Australia, and when you switch country the markdown is removed?
I've finally found it! I am little sick of sorting out MC related webshops and sales in the SWD sales thread, so this thread might make everything easier from now on.
Is this the official sales thread for CM?
Not really. My country's customs services have been on my country's Styleforum equivalent and pointed out different "markers". They even reported it in the newspaper. 
I only have Gitman Vintage, but I have read and seen pictures of regular Gitman Bros. and it seems like they are more boxy than slim GBV. It also depends on which season and materials of the GBV shirts (I think), because one of my Japanese cotton GBV from MyHabit is tagged XS but is more like a XXS, while my other GBVs fit well. 
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