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ASOS probably. I know Oi Polloi sells some Fred Perry and Lacoste
Isn't there a certain limit for the customs?  Why don't parcels from Japanese get caught? 
How likely is it to be hit by customs duties and taxes in the UK if you use overseas national couriers such as USPS?
What fabric is that? looks nice!
westaway.co.uk has some nice Johnston's of Elgin cashmere for around £30-40. Pretty good quality
happened in november/early december when they didn't remove the sale from summer and offered a 20% off code.
I see that you went with the inverted pleats. It looks great! Did you use these pictures from Drake's as a reference and did you need to change the measurements? [[SPOILER]]
What collar is that? I really like the combination of the collar and the denim shirt. 
WWhat courier did Uniqlo use? I am in the UK, and they use Hermes which I think is faster than Royal Mail. 
What do you think the standard delivery is going to take nowadays? Do you think it is going to take much more than 3 days since it is the Christmas period? 
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