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HAHA XD you trolled me. 
What's the difference between 'Reduced' and the 'Sale' section of Slam Jam? 1 of 10 in the Sale section is in sale, while those with the Final Sale mark just shows their normal price. 
Do you guys think I can get a good price for a pair of BoO chinos, if I sell them on ebay or here, since they are going out of business? They are unworn with tags.
Any good brands for casual shirts that do not cost too much?
Are there any European/EU equivalent of the Official Sales Alert thread? 
Anyone knows why companies don't have their sales at the same time across different countries? It's annoying that the EU website doesn't have sale as often as the American webshop.
Do Luxire keep the patterns and measurements for all orders? Let's assume I am going to use my recent shirt pattern, which is a pattern for slim dress shirts, to make a new shirt pattern for flannel shirts. I like my flannel and casual shirts a bit more roomier than my dress shirts.   Can I make Luxire add a few inches on some of the measurements when I provide the measurements for my flannel shirts and then reference back to my old 'dress shirt pattern #XXX1' when I...
ASOS probably. I know Oi Polloi sells some Fred Perry and Lacoste
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