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What makes optic glasses so expensive (for some)? Is it the brand, glass material, frame or the brand, or everything combined?
I have ordered the Barba BD collar 6 times but the first order was perfect and became my ideal collar. However, the other 5 collars didn't turn out as I excepted and didn't even look like the first one. Could it be that the first collar was not actually the Barba collar, and the last 5 ones were?
What are the benefits of a bespoke tie?
Or you could check the order confirmation in your inbox.
How often are the shoes on stock so that we don't need to wait a month before they ship the shoes?
Not really sure about that. I just referenced the order number and it turned out well.
You have to mention that you want it unfused and lightly lined too, if you don't they'll make it both lined and fused, which happened to me. 
Berg&Berg's sale has just started. 30-50% off
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