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What fabric is that? looks nice!
westaway.co.uk has some nice Johnston's of Elgin cashmere for around £30-40. Pretty good quality
happened in november/early december when they didn't remove the sale from summer and offered a 20% off code.
I see that you went with the inverted pleats. It looks great! Did you use these pictures from Drake's as a reference and did you need to change the measurements? [[SPOILER]]
What collar is that? I really like the combination of the collar and the denim shirt. 
WWhat courier did Uniqlo use? I am in the UK, and they use Hermes which I think is faster than Royal Mail. 
What do you think the standard delivery is going to take nowadays? Do you think it is going to take much more than 3 days since it is the Christmas period? 
late december or in the beginning of january
I just bought a pair of boat shoes (Sperry Topsiders) with a deep discount . They are maybe 1/2-1 size too big. However, if I tighten the laces the shoes fit comfortably in the heel, but a bit uncomfortable on top where the bottom of the laces meet the top of my feet. Should I return them or should I use them with with tightened laces? Does insoles help with shoes that are too big?
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