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The $30/€25 coupons expired on the 31/10 too. 
It will be my first cashmere sweater ever, and I just want a cheap priced cashmere sweater with decent quality, just to see how cashmere feels.  I don't set high standards for my first piece of cashmere sweater. 
Yeah, I've seen a lot of nice cashmere sweaters from BB, unfortuntely am I pretty small and I need sweaters in xs. 
Are Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere v-neck sweaters worth the price of app. $150?  They are being sold on ebay with the tag: "made in China of Italian yarn".    I found a cashmere sweater that runs small, so I'm not sure if it's fake or not.  Here's some pictures of the sweater, does it look real?   [[SPOILER]]
I thought the shirts were out for sale and that the customers have received them already. My fault...
How is the OCBD compared to GBV? 
The OCBD's collars reminds me of GBV's collars, or am I wrong? How is the cashmere sweater compared to PRL cashmere sweater? They can be compared, because you can get a PRL cashmere sweater for the same price from ebay.
Why don't any denim producers have silk in the waistband?  Silk doesn't stretch and then you don't need to worry about which size you should pick, and you can choose pants that are TTS.    Patrik Ervell has silk in the waistband, and it works!
lol, I got two codes from my first purchase from TBS. 
Not that I know of, but I have a TBS code that gives you 15% off.   Here's a little threat for you guys, and don't trick me at Halloween.   fcf22c7
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