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Where is the cheapest place to buy a sweater right now?
Is J. Crew using Loro Piana wool in the cashmere and wool sweaters with the description: "Italian cashmere in 12-gauge knit"?
Someone have a white OCBD in xs you want to sell? 
Two of my basics are from MyHabit and I got them free with MyHabit credits.  So the only problem is waiting for a new release of GBV shirts. 
I want a white OCBD, but I am not sure if it's worth to buy it from GBV. I could just cop it a white Uniqlo OCBD to same some money. But how is the quality of Uniqlos compared to GBV? My GBV collection consists of three basics and one checkered, and I don't think I luuuuv GBVs quality, but the fit is amazing. 
Where can I buy very slim OTR shirts for a guy like me? I mostly wear XS in brands that can offer clothes in that size. Gitman Bros. Vintage is the ideal shirt right now, but I want to buy OTR dress shirts.    For reference, I am 5'7'' and 120 lbs, with a 14,5'' neck, 35'' chest and 28'' waist.
I don't know how it is in North America, but here in Europe, especially Norway, to avoid the brokerage fee you could visit a local DHL office to pay the taxes and duties before the parcel arrives. 
Stop cry about your Canadian taxes. the Norwegian taxes are the worst when it comes to importing stuff. Almost everything (except for books, electronic devices, furnitures etc.), above $34 (200NOK) get hit by the customs and have to pay brokearge fee ($23), VAT (25%) and duties (10,7%).  
I am XS in GBV, would Uniqlo shirts in xs fit me?
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