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The collar is also very long and high. Works fine with tie, but looks kinda weird without. 
Which manufacturers makes MMM's, Rick Owens', Lanvin's and all the others shoes? They are often marked with "made in Italy", but that could be any manufacturer. 
Why don't you wear a warm parka and wear whatever you want under the parka?
Why actually? And should I hot or cold soak the chinos?
What about chinos? Should I soak it before I hem it?
Does John Lobb makes Hermes' shoes?
Almost everything is sold out. My-wardrobe's inventory is bad.
Based on the measurements, given by End, the 1940's shirts fit like Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit shirts.  Which is actually very boxy for a short person.. too bad :( would've kop, if it was a little bit slimmer around the chest. 
adam kimmel 100% wool knit how is the quality?  y/n?
Does it fit boxy or slim?
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