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Not sure if you are trying to make fun of me or serious. If you're serious, what small factory/mill did they move their production to? 
Is Japan Blue manufactured by Momotaro or the same company that makes Momotaro? If so, how is the quality of Japan Blue raw denims?   I've never experienced Japanese raw denims, what should I expect?
What's the differences between Pure Japan Blue and Japan Blue?
How is the quality of Japan Blue jeans? 
You obviously didn't understand the irony in my post, which is outsourcing. 
okey, so the rumors were right. I heard stephan schneider makes his stuff in india. that may be reason why it itches. 
Bumping with my question:   Does Stephan Schneider wool itch? 
This scarf, but in another colour. How is the wool? Does it itch?
I saw a Stephan Schneider scarf in 100% wool for $100 from $168. I've never experienced SS stuff before, so this could be the chance to buy something.  Should I buy it, or stick to Johnstons of Elgin cashmere scarf for £30?
At SouthWillard a few days ago, some of the shirts were $60 (white oxford, blue striped oxford etc.) but they have now increased the price to $88. Opening Ceremony sells GBV x OC shirts for $60, if you want to check it out. I don't like 'em, the shirts are kinda tacky. 
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