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Extra 13% off everything with code: HAPPY2013   What are Yoox' Italian sizes based on? And what's the number right for the italian size at the size chart? Are Yoox' sizes always accurate? Some pieces may have wrong sizes if I compare the sizes to another shop's size chart. 
How is the sizing? Should I go TTS?
Does anyone have the New Version sweater or the Torso Scarf, and can say something about it?   Is S in the new stark going to fit me? I am 5'7'' and weigh about 120 lbs.  For reference, I have a Modulo cardigan in S and it fits me very well. 
How is the fit of OCBDs and fabrics compared to Gitman Vintage?
nvm, found out
Seems like the APC thread is dead, so I ask here.   What size should I pick for the black PS? My usual size is 28, I'm 5'7'' and weigh 120 lbs. I can get APCs for half the price, so now should be the time to buy a pair. 
Is APC stuff worth the money? I mean the sweaters, jackets and shoes?     What size should I pick for the black PS? My usual size is 28.  What's the difference between TBS' PS Black Denim and Context's PS Raw Black? They don't look the same, but they have the same name. 
RRL cashmere vs. PRL cashmere?
How can you have a 30 waist when you're 5'7'' and 125 lbs? I am 5'7'' and 120 lbs and I have 28 waist. 
even the JB0201 model that is made with american cotton?
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