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Oh, I thought belted cardigans were male garments. When I google "belted cardigans", only imagas of women came up. 
Where can I find belted cardigans that don't cost a lot? Price range: 0-$200
The new super skinny guy fit looks weird. They have only changed the leg opening, but the rise and the knee has become wider than Skinny Guy. It would be much better if they only did the leg opening 0.8'' skinnier. 
Then it sounds as if your wang has been exposed for a lot of jelqing. 
Does anyone have the black power stretch and can say something about the fabrics? I would like to buy my first pair of N&F now that they have just released the new Super Skinny fit. 
Oh, many thanks for the most informational response I've ever received on this forum This helped me a lot. Now, when my friends tell me that "high-end" brands are superior compared to small houses, I tell them what you wrote.   Yeah, I think I am on budget, because I am just 18 and student, and my parents are not that rich, but I have a part time job that gives me a little cash to afford small luxurious things in life. 
What about Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters? Many of my friends wear cashmere sweaters from that line, but is it good?   There is this site that sells cashmere sweaters from lots of random brands and some famous (like Kiton, Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana, John Smedley, Borelli etc.) They also sell cashmere sweaters from Malo for $180 and Trillion Private Label for $270 at discount. Have you heard of the brands?
Hey,   what brand give most bang for the buck for cashmere sweaters in small sizes? I am interested in buying a good cashmere sweater, that would be my first, and I can't afford expensive brands like Brunello Cucinelli and Loro Piana right now.
I did ask the question before the auction ended. The auction is not over yet, and I haven't bidded.
It's a cashmere sweater. It could be possible that Ralph Lauren makes stuff dedicated to the Asian market, because the guys out there are usually smaller than other markets. But is normal that brands difference the markets with sizes?
New Posts  All Forums: