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Stop cry about your Canadian taxes. the Norwegian taxes are the worst when it comes to importing stuff. Almost everything (except for books, electronic devices, furnitures etc.), above $34 (200NOK) get hit by the customs and have to pay brokearge fee ($23), VAT (25%) and duties (10,7%).  
I am XS in GBV, would Uniqlo shirts in xs fit me?
I am new to smooth leather shoes, and I just received my first pair of smooth leather shoes, which is Loake Litchfield. I bought the shoes with Loake's own wax polish in the same colour.   So to the questions. What's a wax polish? And how should I lubricate it? What products should I buy to maintain the shoes?
approximately 1-2 months?
All my GBV shirts are XS, and there's a big difference between XS and S. For reference: I am 5'7'' and 120 lbs with 35'' chest.
Why is Visvim soo expensive? Yeah, it's made in Japan, but that can't defend the price.
You can also compare the online measurements with shirts you already have. If your shirts are bigger or wider around the chest, then the gitmans are slimmer than yours. 
I am 5'7'' and 120 lbs.  Nothing ever fits me, especially tops and sweaters :( I have to buy everything from a tailor. I can't even find a OTR suit/blazer that fits me, and I can't afford a tailormade suit right now, because I am student. BUHU.
Are you serious? I think the arms are too long, but that's not a huge problem, isn't it? This is my first experience with pea coats, so I am not so familiar how the sizing should be. 
Fuck, fuck, fuck! I can't return it because I used a proxy to buy it :( NOOO.
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