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Do you guys have the two buttons on top unbuttoned, or just one?
True. the collar is high. but i like the fit and length of the shirt, which are the only OTR shirts that fit me. i would never buy gitmans on retail. 
they're using chalk buttons, which are not better than MOP buttons, but it's way much better than plastic. 
The OCBD shirts are TTS, but the shirts that are made in interesting fabrics or plaided are usually Gitman Sisters. 
Everything is already sold out in XS :(   But what is this shit?   Look at the tag, it's black. 
lol, I thought that Adidas was a shit brand for SFers, but I was wrong.  I don't think I like GATs because I've never seen them in person,  and there is no chance that I'll see them in my country, where no one knows what MMM is.    But is it possible for a #menswear/SW&D-guy to rock some GATs? Or are they 100% SW&D?
I think it's just me, but I think GATs look cheap, something that look like mall-tier shoes. Would you guys kop the shoes if they were made by Puma or Adidas?
Why do everyone love GATs? They don't look special. Is it because it's Margiela, or because you like the look of the shoes?
Not sure about the quality though..   http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pre-Order-STUDHOMME-Star-Patch-Stadium-Jacket-/300815648734?_trksid=p5197.m1
I'm fucking in. 
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