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Even if I tell the seller that I can't buy the product because of the answer he gave me? Oh, damn. I don't want to buy stuff that don't fit me.
What happens when I win an auction without paying for the product? Does I get sued by the seller, or something?   The reason why I am asking is because I want to win an auction for an awesome cashmere sweater, but I have to ask the seller about something before I send the money and purchase the product. 
Are Polo Ralph Lauren in XS men size fakes? Because the official webshop doesn't sell PRL in that size.
I think APC rawdenims never go on sale
Not sure if trolling or misunderstood my question.  I meant a SNS sweater, since this is a SNS Herning thread. 
Where is the cheapest place to buy a sweater right now?
Is J. Crew using Loro Piana wool in the cashmere and wool sweaters with the description: "Italian cashmere in 12-gauge knit"?
Someone have a white OCBD in xs you want to sell? 
Two of my basics are from MyHabit and I got them free with MyHabit credits.  So the only problem is waiting for a new release of GBV shirts. 
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