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Fuck, fuck, fuck! I can't return it because I used a proxy to buy it :( NOOO.
So... Do I have to return it? :( Isn't it anything I can do too fix the problems?  Does it look too ugly to use the jacket?
I just received the J. Crew Bayswater in XS, and I am not sure about the fit. Is it the jacket too big and are the sleeves too long? The lower lapels don't lay down, but stick up all the time. How do I make them lay down like all the pea coats?      [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, me too. I've seen two gothninjas in my city, which is Oslo. One that wore Rick Ownes Geobaskets and black drop crotch pants and the other guy was just black and edgy, and I couldn't see any particular rememberable pieces.    Do any stops in Uppsala or Sweden sell high-end stuff? 
And when you say preppy, don't you mean stëk, which is the lowest level of preppy dressing?   Do you even see gothninjas (excuse my French, can't find a word that describes the style?  
since you live in Sweden, are there a lot of fashionable people out there? I live in Norway and fashion is not a huge thing for Norwegian men. Most men don't care about how they look.
did you try out the belt jacket?
My friend said to me that I looked hipsterish/tumblr-core when I had just one button unbuttoned.  I am not quite sure about that. 
Do you guys have the two buttons on top unbuttoned, or just one?
True. the collar is high. but i like the fit and length of the shirt, which are the only OTR shirts that fit me. i would never buy gitmans on retail. 
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