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Does John Lobb makes Hermes' shoes?
Almost everything is sold out. My-wardrobe's inventory is bad.
Based on the measurements, given by End, the 1940's shirts fit like Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit shirts.  Which is actually very boxy for a short person.. too bad :( would've kop, if it was a little bit slimmer around the chest. 
adam kimmel 100% wool knit how is the quality?  y/n?
Does it fit boxy or slim?
How does the 1940's fit? The description says it is regular fit, and the same for 1950's. I am 5'7'' and 120 lbs, with a 34,5'' chest. I wear XS in GBV and J.crew slim fit shirts.  Do you think XS will fit me? 
Which manufaturer makes Givenchy's tees? Or do they make it themselves? 
Does Le Rayon Frais deduct VAT and mark down the value?
Anyone know if Le Rayon Frais marks down the value of the package and deducts VAT?
How do I know if a pair of jeans is rawdenim or not, when it's not pre-distressed? 
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