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I am 5'7 as well, and weigh 141lbs. I have a 36R in Washington jacket, which fits good, and a 34R in a Lazio suit. According to the size guide 36S are built for larger men, but I haven't tried on S sizes yet, so I have no experience with that. 
 I am 30 or 31. The tailor at the SS shop had to let out the waist on my trousers. I don't think it looks weird now, but it fits much better. 
I just bought a Lazio 34R suit and the pant size is 34/44
I have a Washington jacket that I bought couple a years ago that had too long sleeves, which I had to shorten by 1-2 inches.   I am travelling to London this week and I am probably going to visit one of the SS shops there. I want to buy a suit, but I have problems finding jackets that have short enough sleeves. Which SS fits have short arms?    Edit: For reference, I am 5'7
I am going to be in London for 4 days in a week. Any suggestions of shops with nice sales right now? Thanks.
Why don't we ever get those crazy deals in Europe? :(
Are the in-store sales usually better than the online sales? I am travelling to London in a few weeks, and I am wondering if it's worth taking a trip to one of the shops in town.
Which shops do DDP (Duty Delivery Paid)? I know of MrPorter, J. Crew and Barney's Warehouse. 
Did you get hit by the UK customs from Unionmode?
Maybe CM shops don't do as much sales?
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