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What should I do with my credits? Nothing really interests me. I have $103 to use before the credits expire in March.
MyHabit has a huge sale on Ann Demeulemeester   Not sure if I want to kop that ribbed tee from Ann D or a merino wool/cashmere sweater from Pringle of Scotland
I hate when people think Polo Ralph Lauren is the best clothing brand ever. 
Are GBVs made to use with tie? The collars are higher than any other OTR shirts I've seen. 
Best proxy ever! Highly recommended.   Would love to work with you again.
How is the fabric? Is the fabric too heavy or thick for spring/summer?
The collar is also very long and high. Works fine with tie, but looks kinda weird without. 
Which manufacturers makes MMM's, Rick Owens', Lanvin's and all the others shoes? They are often marked with "made in Italy", but that could be any manufacturer. 
Why don't you wear a warm parka and wear whatever you want under the parka?
Why actually? And should I hot or cold soak the chinos?
New Posts  All Forums: