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Do all the jackets have functional sleeve buttons?
They are also called button fly.
Who's wearing 44R(EU)/34(US)? That's the smallest size, and I would like to compare to other people with equally body measurements as me to see if I could fit a jacket in size 44/34.
Does anybody know why the US and UK website has 10 sizes, while the other webshops only have 9 sizes? 
No, not really. But it confuses me when they say armhole and show something different. Okay, I have switched from body measurements to measuring my best fitting shirt. How do I measure the sleeve width and armhole? The details or the question mark says the same.  Do I need to specify that, or do they figure it out?
How do I describe a collar like this on my next order? I can't find the shirt without tie and jacket. The shirt is from Mattabisch by Kiton. Will the delivery time be extended if I select a custom collar?        Edit: Would it also be okay to measure a nice-fitting shirt instead of measuring the body? I find it hard to measure my own body without a helping hand.    Edit2: Also, how can this be armhole to armhole? Looks like shoulder blade to shoulder...
Okay, I see. Thanks for replying.   Oh, I was talking about EU44 which is the same size as 34UK, I think.  May I ask you about your measurements? We have the same chest size. Why don't you wear 32? Seems like 36 is approximately 40'' in the chest, which is a few inches wider than your chest.   How much should the chest size differentiate from your own chest? if you know what I mean...
Could anyone tell me how the size advisor works? It looks like it chooses a completely wrong size for me. For example: My chest width is 37,5'', height 5'7'' and 29'' in upper waist. Based on my measurements the size advisor recommends me a size 23, which has a 41'' chest and 45'' upper waist. The size, which is closest to my measurements, is 44, but why doesn't the size advisor suggest that? 
My body is pretty skinny, does it mean that I have to wear skinny or not too wide ties? Thus tie width in the range from 3''-3.5''?
I am going to need my suit for a graduation party, and I need to purchase a new tie and shirt for my suit. Besides, I am not good at buying ties or matching shirts with ties and PS. I am going to wear black shoes with this charcoal, lightly striped suit.  PS: Ignore the ugly tie and the shirt.     What kind of tie and color should I be looking for?    Thanks in advance!
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