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What's the difference between Filson 256 and 257, except for the size?
Which of Luxire's linen fabrics is the softest? I'm a little bit sick of oxfords, and I want to choose other fabrics for my next shirt. 
Order number?
b-but it's margiela
Is that a brand or something? I've never heard of it, and google didn't give me anything.
Nice jacket! Where 2 cop?
20% off everything @ Malford of London with code "SALE20"
What kind of pants/trousers/colours should I pair up with this navy wool single breasted jacket with peak labels?   [[SPOILER]]     Would these trousers look okay?   [[SPOILER]]
I bought something from a seller from Hong Kong, and the shipping time was estimated to be 3-4 weeks (free shipping). But the parcel hasn't arrived, and I bought it on 20 June. So I opened a case in the Resolution Center, and the case will be closed on 20 August. I asked about a full refund, but the seller asked me to wait further till 11 August and then let them know about the outcome.   What should I do? Should I immediately ask for a refund, or should I wait? I...
I've never seen that style before. What it's called?
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