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Does it mean that it's possible to make and remove the crease, while the pleats can't be removed using regular tools at home (have to use a tailor)?
I wasn't sure if those were pleats or not. What's the difference between creases and pleats actually?
What's those stripes in the middle of the leg called? And what's your thoughts about wearing those "formal" pants in cotton with a casual outfit consisting of OCBD, v-neck and moccasins?
Anyone know where I can purchase or order nice looking braided or suede belts with good quality, preferably not that very expensive?
Anyone know how to remove beer stains from suede leather? 
What's the order number?
Yeah, almost. But I did some changes with the shirt length (because I was customizing a dress shirt) and decreased the shirt length, it was the intention. The sleeve length ended up being maybe 0.5-1 inches too long, which is actually my fault, but everything else should be all right.    How complicated is it to return the shirt and have it remade? I heard something about the Indians customs being strict or something.
Wouldn't a smaller yoke reduce the back area? I agree with you about extending the armhole.
I just measured the one from Luxire and my other Gitman Bros. Vintage shirt. Here are the measurements (Yeah, I am skinny): pre-#3543 (should be #3453) is my measurements before I ordered the shirt, while GBV is the shirt I measured for pre-#3543. As you can see, the Luxire shirt and the pre-shirt differentiates a little bit from my GBV shirt, but that's not a lot. It's only a half inches in some places, how could the shirt from Luxire be skin tight while GBV fits? As...
I just received my first shirt from Luxire. The fabric and the buttons are great, but it didn't fit right. The funny thing is that I used the same measurements as an OCBD shirt that fits me, but the shirt from Luxire ends up being too tight in the chest area and the bottom. Anyone why? Is it because of the different kind of fabrics?
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