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Is that a brand or something? I've never heard of it, and google didn't give me anything.
Nice jacket! Where 2 cop?
20% off everything @ Malford of London with code "SALE20"
What kind of pants/trousers/colours should I pair up with this navy wool single breasted jacket with peak labels?   [[SPOILER]]     Would these trousers look okay?   [[SPOILER]]
I bought something from a seller from Hong Kong, and the shipping time was estimated to be 3-4 weeks (free shipping). But the parcel hasn't arrived, and I bought it on 20 June. So I opened a case in the Resolution Center, and the case will be closed on 20 August. I asked about a full refund, but the seller asked me to wait further till 11 August and then let them know about the outcome.   What should I do? Should I immediately ask for a refund, or should I wait? I...
I've never seen that style before. What it's called?
Check out Loake 1880, Herring and Carmina. Some good shoes to decent prices.
I didn't see the post before I wrote mine. Stop being an asshole.
I used to get mocked for dressing nice to school. And I went to a "preppy" high school, where everyone was dressed in shirts, chinos and leather shoes (not school uniform), but the fit was terrible and they didn't know how to combine clothes and fabrics.   The funny thing is that I don't come from a rich family, and that's why they mock me. Everyone else is children of billionaires and millionaires, and therefor is it for granted that they dress nice. They laughed me...
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