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Hi guys. What's your thoughts on this suit? Does it need any alterations? The shoulders look a little bit wavy in the picture, but it doesn't look so when I put it on and stand in front of a mirror. 
Suit Supply measures around the chest, so I did the same with my own jacket. I hung it with a clothes hanger and measured it with a tape around the pit area.   Do I get the same measurement if I double pit-to-pit?
How is it possible that my suit has a 31.5'' chest, while my own chest is 36.2''? I measured the jacket while it was hanging down from the closet. 
I hope mine will be shipped today or the upcoming days, because my first shirt was ordered 31th of May, one day after yours. 
Wouldn't that be a problem if I want to cut out one-two inches from the sleeves?
Do all the jackets have functional sleeve buttons?
They are also called button fly.
Who's wearing 44R(EU)/34(US)? That's the smallest size, and I would like to compare to other people with equally body measurements as me to see if I could fit a jacket in size 44/34.
Does anybody know why the US and UK website has 10 sizes, while the other webshops only have 9 sizes? 
No, not really. But it confuses me when they say armhole and show something different. Okay, I have switched from body measurements to measuring my best fitting shirt. How do I measure the sleeve width and armhole? The details or the question mark says the same.  Do I need to specify that, or do they figure it out?
New Posts  All Forums: