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I like it! How much did it cost?
I am not sure. I neither have BB or Gitman Blue. I have heard some complaints about the fit. Ask in the Gitman Bros Vintage thread.
The difference lies in the fit and fabrics. Gitman Bros make conservative, usually formal, shirts and the fit is very roomy. Gitman Bros Vintage has a lot of interesting fabrics and slim shirts, for example japanese cotton, linen, prints etc.   It depends. My 3 of 5 GBV shirts were from MyHabit. You have to look at how the shirt looks like, and decide if it's a real GBV shirt or some weird GB line, like Gitman Blue. Look at the tag, if it's green then the shirt is...
Gitman Bros Vintage makes Thom Browne's shirts. GBVs own shirts have similar fit.  Costs around $170(?), and you can buy them very cheap in sales seasons. 
Do they make the shirt both fused and lined if I don't provide any details about it? 
No, they weren't.
Am I the only one who is allergic to linen? I bought my first linen cloth a year ago, and it was 85% cotton/15% linen chinos, and it itched so much that it was impossible to wear. I am not sure if I am really allergic, or if the fabrics were cheap. The chinos were from Patrik Ervell, though, so it shouldn't be shitty. 
Edit: nvm. just found out
I am being really stupid right now, and I am not that good at pants anatomy. What is rear pocket and how does it looks like? I tried googling it, but many types of back pockets showed up. 
Does it still takes 4-5 weeks to make a pair of pants?
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