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the UK has exactly the same amount as Norway. Too bad. But if you mark it as gift the limit increases to ~£100.        Does anyone know if Frans Boone marks down the value? 
My slim fit jeans' waist stretched from 28 to 31, however I did gain some weight and did some lifting.
All imported goods, which are priced ~$34 or higher, will get hit with customs here in Norway. Therefore I need to use a proxy or ask them to mark down if I want to buy things from overseas       Edit: Does anyone know the customs policy in the UK?
Tbs does that with Visvim too.
Does anyone know if Haven (CA) marks down the value?
MrPorter has/had some. 
are you going to keep it? and how soft is it? sweatpants soft or cashmere-ish soft?
85% cotton/15 % linen   I have only used it twice, because I found out that my skin don't tolerate linen. And it has been hanging in the closet since last summer when I bought it.    waist: 29'' inseam: 31.5'' rise: 9.75'' leg opening: 6.5'' thighs: 9.5'' knee: 7.5''   the waist has a silk band so it won't stretch.  the pants are navy but look much more like black in real life
Could anyone identify these N&Fs from gilt?   nr 1: http://www.gilt.com/personal/sale/293240573611008740/product/1001833461-naked-famous-weird-guy-jeans nr: 2: http://www.gilt.com/personal/sale/293240573611008740/product/1009398105-naked-famous-weird-guy-jeans edit: nr 3: http://www.gilt.com/personal/sale/293240573611008740/product/173227303-naked-famous-weird-guy-jeans number one looks green-ish. could it be the green selvedge?
Which sale has so far been the best this summer?
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