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When did you order your pants? I ordered mine on 21 July, and they were in production on 13 August. 
Are we metrosexual because we care so much about clothing and style?
What's the difference between Filson 256 and 257, except for the size?
Which of Luxire's linen fabrics is the softest? I'm a little bit sick of oxfords, and I want to choose other fabrics for my next shirt. 
Order number?
b-but it's margiela
Is that a brand or something? I've never heard of it, and google didn't give me anything.
Nice jacket! Where 2 cop?
20% off everything @ Malford of London with code "SALE20"
What kind of pants/trousers/colours should I pair up with this navy wool single breasted jacket with peak labels?   [[SPOILER]]     Would these trousers look okay?   [[SPOILER]]
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