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Am I the only one who is allergic to linen? I bought my first linen cloth a year ago, and it was 85% cotton/15% linen chinos, and it itched so much that it was impossible to wear. I am not sure if I am really allergic, or if the fabrics were cheap. The chinos were from Patrik Ervell, though, so it shouldn't be shitty. 
Edit: nvm. just found out
I am being really stupid right now, and I am not that good at pants anatomy. What is rear pocket and how does it looks like? I tried googling it, but many types of back pockets showed up. 
Does it still takes 4-5 weeks to make a pair of pants?
Should the bottom width be as wide as the chest? All my RTW-shirts are like that.  
Is the Blue Candy Stripes an oxford cloth?   Edit: and what happened to the Blue university stripes oxford cloth? Can't find it.
It has been so much talking about regular collars, but no OCBDs :( How is Luxire's regular button down collar, are you satisfied?   Which OCBD collar looks best? I'm interesting in ordering an OCBD, but I am not sure about which collar I should pick.    Do you have an awesome OCBD collar, NOBD?
Nice cardigan. Where is it from?
"Very loose t-shirt" Seems legit.
CP brown suede chukka   ???
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